Inner Peace Hits the Spot

November 25th, 2012

peace“That hit the spot.” It’s such a common phrase that we take its meaning for granted. After a fabulous meal or a quiet nap we say, “That really hit the spot” or on a hot summer’s day we say “That ice cold drink hit the spot”. After hearing an awesome piece of music you might say, “That hit the spot.” It indicates complete satisfaction. But where IS the spot? Can you touch it, show someone else what it looks like, ear mark it for future reference, bottle it for instant access?

It’s a metaphor. There is no actual spot and nothing is really being hit. Even the metaphor hits the spot because it describes a real but intangible feeling of satisfaction. Inner peace is like that; real but intangible.

Sometimes a reassuring word from a friend “hits the spot.” You feel understood, connected, at ease and accepted. Maybe a moment of oneness in nature “hits the spot” and you feel the peace of knowing that you’re part of something so beautifully connected.

Inner peace may also happen at unexpected times. Occasionally when life is changing and everything feels out of control, you find peace in the surrender. When you let go of control because the situation feels so impossible, the very act of letting go ushers an incredible peace into your body. Surrender hits the spot.

Inner peace is often realized in mystery and surprise. This is why it can’t be bottled. It isn’t always predictable. It doesn’t depend on circumstance. You can’t find it or locate it. It’s more than physical. Maybe a better question is, “Who is it that’s noticing the experience? Where is the awareness of inner peace?”

When you touch base with awareness, the part of you that sees everything as it arises without judging it, naming it or putting it in a box, you are pulling back the layers to allow inner peace. All it requires is a shift in your mindset. Instead of seeking inner peace, notice the moments that hit the spot. Feel them deeply and notice that there is part of you that notices. This is the essence of who you are, and it has nothing to prove or fear. Inner peace hits the spot when you let your peaceful essence wash over you.

Try this awareness exercise-

Where is your arm? Hit the spot!
Where is your nose? Hit the spot (but not too hard)!
Where is your heart? Hit the spot!
Where does a smile begin? Hit the spot!
Where in your body do you laugh? Hit the spot!
Where is your mind (not your brain)? Hit the spot!
Where is your consciousness? Hit the spot!
Where is the part of you that knows you know, and sees you think and feel things? Hit the spot!

The spot is ALL of you; every part and also the whole shebang. Smile at the mystery of human experience. Rest in the peace of not needing to have all the answers. Life hits the spot when it strikes a chord between body, mind and spirit. You feel harmony and peace at the deepest level. Nothing can touch this peace.

As Gangaji says,

Who you are, in truth, is whole and perfect and beautiful. And if that can be recognized, then it is possible that self-torture can stop!

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  1. Kenneth Vogt says:

    It is so refreshing to hear someone say, “Instead of seeking inner peace…” It is not about seeking. Why would you have to seek for something that includes “inner” right in the name? It’s right here and it always has been. The more we realize that the “out there” world is our creation, a creation of what we are inside, the easier it will be to recognize all that already is: love, joy, and peace. It’s already yours — own it.

  2. Eliza Swords says:

    Wow.  This is such a healthy reminder.  I agree with Kenneth, and have often blogged on the topic myself, that when we stop and accept that Inner Peace and Love come from within, we realize that we have an abundance of it!  People often disregard something intangible as unimportant.  Hopefully they will come to see that these are some of the most important elements in our lives! Thank you, feel free to read my thoughts at as we have a lot in common!  -E

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