Keep Hoping No Matter What

December 15th, 2012

Awful things happen for no apparent reason.
Keep believing in goodness, no matter what.

Unstable, crazed, even evil people will continue to perpetrate violence.
Refuse to let them infect your mind, no matter what.

Our kids are not truly safe anywhere, not even in school.
Do ALL you can to protect kids, no matter what.

There is very little reason to be feel optimistic.
Keep believing that change is possible, no matter what.

Every effort at doing the right thing runs the risk of being betrayed.
Keep being good, no matter what.

There is no true safety or security in life.
Be cautious, but don’t lose the ability to trust, no matter what.

There is SO much temptation to fight hatred with rage.
Keep countering hatred with love, no matter what.

Life is short, fragile, troubled and offers few certainties.
Live with integrity, urgency and passion, no matter what.

PS. No matter how hard it gets, no matter what odds you face, no matter how hopeless it all seems.
Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, no matter what,  don’t ever give up.



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  1. Barb McNab says:

    Keep working for justice, peace, love, compassion, trust
    And you will find it — no matter what

  2. Baolin Liu says:

    So short, yet so much wisdom…..

  3. Chintaru says:

    Verry wise words indeed but if you have on frequently basis a lots of psychical pain…for 15 years now… then it’s possible to loose some hope! What to do then at that point?

  4. Lauren says:

    Very wise words indeed. And… Chintaru, I have lived with chronic pain and other symptoms for about fifteen years (and I’m only 32), along with personal and family issues, but I have had many realizations in the last few years… There is always a reason for hope. I may have moderate to severe pain almost everyday but the keyword is almost, so I look forward to the days of mild or no pain and have great hope for those great days. And even on days when my pain is seemingly unbearable, I remember that today doesn’t determine tomorrow and the way I think about my pain and feel about my pain does actually affect my pain. The mind and body are so connected that our thoughts and emotions definitely play a part in our physical pain, it’s severity, intensity, and our tolerance to it. So even on days when it seems hopeless, it’s important to remember that a positive outlook today can help create more positive tomorrows and, even if I only get one really good day a week, it is still something to look forward to (and though I don’t look forward to bad days, I’m glad to have them because they do precede more good days). Also, I feel blessed to have found Soulseeds to help bring me up on my bad days and help keep me up on my good days, and these are definitely wise words… ‘No matter what, don’t ever give up.’ God bless you Chintaru. And God bless you Soulseeds. Thank you for all the tension you ease, the happiness you bring, and the affirmations you share. Your help is greatly appreciated and your inspirational words mean so much. Thank you.

  5. ruby bedi says:

    I won’t give up because i can’tI won’t be sad because I don’t want toI will be safe because I mustI will wake up to a new tomorrow, that I knowThis is my trust, love and faith in myself. 

  6. kc says:

    something happened and i somehow lost my ability to trust and love people. Betrayed and disappointed by my closest and most loved family broke my heart. I just realized today, that i miss my fearless, trusting, loving self. I am hoping that this process of healing happens soon, and i find my ability to love and care for myself and others fearlessly till then i will try to take baby steps towards trusting and loving myself

  7. ruby bedi says:

    My Dear friend, Healing happens as soon as we desire it but we cannot experience it because of our memory of pain. Place your attention within your body and imagine wellness and soon you will start to feel well. it sounds easy and that is why we don’t believe it can work. Even when everything is painful one thing is never is in pain and that is your imagination….Use it..It is not imagery, it is real force the drives the Soul.   

  8. Renee says:

    This is a super important post for me, as, like Lauren in the comments — I live with chronic pain — I am 35 but have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 23. I needed to read this MAJOR then, but even more so now. Thank you.

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