Diving into 2013

January 1st, 2013

A bank robbery was foiled in London late last year, and it was the robber himself who foiled it. It seems he was a rooky robber, who was hit by nerves at the crucial moment. He walked up to the teller holding a gun in one hand and an empty bag in the other. He demanded 700,000 pounds and then got confused, handing over the gun instead of the bag. He then escaped on an employee’s bicycle. True story. I imagine him saying to the teller, “Hand over the money or I’ll….. bag you.”

His problem, well one of them, was that his actions didn’t match his intentions. His head told him one thing. His hands did another. The New Year is an awesome time to make sure you’ve got your head straight on goals and intentions for the year, put your best foot forward, and act in ways that are consistent with your intentions. Align your intentions and your actions, and then get out of the way, because amazing things will happen.

What are your intentions for 2013? Resolve a conflict? Change career? Improve your health? The size and scope of your intentions is not important. The important thing is authenticity. Set bold intentions to live more authentically than ever before, and then trust that the right people, circumstances and resources will surround you at every point in order to create the right outcomes at the right time.

I want to use an analogy for approaching the New Year. It’s an analogy from a subject I know next to nothing about. (Just to make you feel confident) It’s an analogy from child birth. When a baby is born in breech position, it comes out feet first. Some people say that babies are born in breech because they aren’t ready or feel some resistance to coming into the world. Maybe there is some unfinished business or some unresolved fear about entering the world. It’s as if the baby is digging her heels in, refusing to come out.

The analogy I offer to you is to come into the New Year head first. Everything is ready and waiting for you. There is nothing stopping you from having the most awesome year other than your own resistance. If you feel yourself digging your heels in, screeching into the New Year like a breech birth, get clear about your resistance, heal it, and come into the New Year head first. Feel your fear and keep going anyway.

If 2012 was a year of fear, make 2013 the year of seized opportunity.

If 2012 was a haze of confusion, make 2013 the year of incredible clarity.

If 2012 was the year to tend wounds, make 2013 the year to harvest wisdom

If 2012 was the year to go within, make 2013 the year to come out head first and live your insights.

Will there be challenges? It’s guaranteed. But let them be 2013’s challenges, and not yesterday’s fears.

Get behind me 2012. I’ve got intentions to live, and seeds of love to sow.

How are you going to deal with challenge? You can’t go around it. You can’t go under it. You have to grow through it head first. Even if someone outside of you had the ability to take your challenge away, you don’t want to be robbed of the opportunity to discover your strength, and turn challenge into incredible character. It’s all ahead of you. Challenge and opportunity.

Are you ready? Are you prepared to come out head first? When you come out head first, your body follows. Get your thinking right, and your body follows. Get your intentions clear, and let your actions follow. Say it out loud- “I’m coming out head first. I know who I am. I’m coming out head first, and my life will follow.”

This mantra from Patanjali is my hope for all in 2013-

May your mind transcend limitations.
May your consciousness expand in every direction.
May you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.

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  2. Laura says:

    how do you transform memories?

  3. ian says:

    hi Laura, im writing about that tomorrow and posting on Thursday. One part of transforming memories is to reframe them. More to come in the next few days.

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  8. @gerissmiling says:

    I Sooo needed to read this today. When you are sitting writing, I hope you feel proud of the very positive shifts you can help people to make to chose a better internal state – even people who should know better. We’re all in this together! Bless You x

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