February 1st, 2013

Before the seed there comes the thought of bloom. E. B. White

Have you ever been surprised by a stray sun flower? Where did it come from? In among the invasive weeds and carefully planned flowers, this long stemmed miracle lights up the garden with its wide faced grin. They all come from somewhere- the weeds, the flowers, and the sunflower. Whether it is a stray seed blowing in the wind, a child’s fallen apple seed or the after effects of a spring time floral flurry, they all came from seed and to seed they shall return.

Whether you realize it or not, you prepared the way for this radiant Apollo. Having grown to fullness, she becomes an elegant bird feeder for stray hummingbirds and goldfinches. These unwitting accomplices plant the next harvest as they feast on sunflower seeds like children at a birthday table.

Life presents itself as a stray sunflower. You don’t always know where situations came from, but you are more a part of their creation than you imagine, and your response is the seed of your destiny.

Be mindful of your thoughts. They could become words without hint or warning. Once words (or actions) they become part of your destiny. So groom your thoughts with care. That way if they spontaneously erupt as words, or suddenly spring up as action, you can trust that they will create the goodwill that you want to create in the world. Let the words you speak and the actions you take be the truth you love.

Thoughts are to awareness, as the sunflower is to the sun. One shines, the other follows. Awareness is a realization like a flower opening itself to the sun, as if to say, “I’m here and I’m ready to shine.” Your deepest awareness shines like the brightest sun through all the peaks and troughs of life. As you align your inner awareness with your thoughts, words and actions, you manifest your highest aspirations in the world.

The one word summary of this process is mindfulness. This is the heart of all spiritual traditions; pay attention to life and mysteries will be revealed to you. Marvel at the mysterious connectedness of all things of which you are an intimate and significant part.

Begin with awareness, as this is the seed of peace. In tune with awareness and your true self, set your intention for a powerful and purposeful life. The only adequate response to clear intentions is gratitude. Life is so full and beautiful. The seed of grateful awareness and clear intention leads to kindness and service. Befriend your life and heal all that is hurting in and around you. Celebrate growth and new found wisdom as you discover that you are always becoming what the present requires of you. Finally, with a sense of adventure, set out with a clear inner voice guiding your next steps. The seed of awareness accompanies you all the way.

Above all else, tend your mind’s garden with awareness. Practice thoughts that help you to see the world with greater love and possibility. Set the intention that you are lovable and loved, that your life has purpose and that you are a seed of kindness. So it will be. Believe in your amazing essence and bring many of your deepest intentions into reality.

So go on, dream big and make a wish on these seeds as they gently find their way into your life and into the lives of others. Seed the change in your own life, and smile as your life move from seeds to deeds like a blooming sunflower rising to greet a dark day.

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  1. Virginia Urbach says:

    Truly, another inspiring and universal lesson. Soulseeds, you have a God-given gift for words that not only resonates but simply coincides with the heart and mind.

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  3. Dominique says:

    I love this blog. Thanks so much for writing it.

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