Are you dealing with change? If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed by change, take a cue from the butterfly.

First its a caterpillar, crawling close to the earth, slow and steady. It’s in no hurry, but definitely seems to be heading somewhere. It’s crawling up the branch of a tree. It stops as if it comes to a traffic light and just sits, on one small twig that rests on one slightly larger branch that hangs on a massive tree that reaches for caterpillar miles in both directions; deep into the earth and high into the air, down for sustenance and up for possibility. The caterpillar sets up camp, sitting and waiting.

At just the right time, the caterpillar surrounds itself with a golden thread of silk; working, wriggling, wrapping itself in a natural cocoon like a mummy. It fastens itself to the twig like Velcro. Then it sits inside the silk cocoon, resting in the warm darkness. The caterpillar doesn’t know exactly what is happening and has no expectations about timing, but seems to accept that it is all happening exactly is it should. An incredible creative synergy is at work. It sits and waits, but its not a passive wait. Its actively preparing on the inside until conditions are just right on the outside.

Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar starts the transformation. It sheds another layer of skin, this one the last before the metamorphosis. Underneath this tough, protective shell, the new being is revealed, it’s beautiful essence for the next leg of its journey.

Your life, all your experiences and instincts, are like the caterpillar inside the cocoon of this moment. You are wrapped in all of your life experiences that led to this moment. Right now. You don’t know what will happen next, but you trust that it’s happening in the right time and way. You are prepared for new growth. You are in the middle of an amazing metamorphosis. Always in the middle, shedding layers of the past, layers of baggage, layers of the yesterday you in order to reveal a larger and truer version of the you that is perfect as you are and always has more to learn.

Eventually, a thin slice of light cuts through the cocoon, splitting silk and warming your skin. A sudden surge of energy courses through your body, light filling your mind and body. The cocoon falls away from you at the same time as you break free. You can’t even tell which it is. It’s both. Change is happening around and within you AND you are participating in the change.

Even though you are letting go of the safety and protection of the warm cocoon, it’s ok. ITS OK. You are ready. The time is right. Change is opportunity. Change is growth. Change is potential. Change is freedom.

Just when you thought the world was ending, you became a butterfly and a whole new world of possibility began. Buckminster Fuller said, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” And yet here it is. Here you are. As you contemplate changes, small and large, no matter how anxious you feel, remember that there is a butterfly inside of you just waiting to soar.

It’s the butterfly effect, the chrysalis of social change. One small change in your life spreads and impacts all parts of your life, and the lives of those around you. One person’s awakening, though it always begins within, also impacts others, fluttering kindness way beyond your knowledge.

The universe is an open place, the future unknown. It may seem random, but the order becomes clear in time. It seems slow, but the timing reveals itself as right. It may even seem destructive, like a loss or a death, but that’s only a necessary prelude to a beautiful new creation. You are becoming all you were intended to be. The world is becoming all it is destined to be.

Much love and encouragement to ALL.

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  1. WOW!  So serendipitous for me.  Just beautiful.

    Thank you

    D xx 

  2. Anonymous says:

    This resonates …… Big time.  Thank you for sharing.. It’s interesting how we can some profound thoughts if we would slow down, look around and REALLY take notice of the  little things. Lessons are ever-y-where… You selected a beautiful metaphor as a reminder, fighting the process within could delay or damage. You spoke to the greatness, the potential that lies within each of us!  The process IS PAINFUL but it’s well worth it. We have an advantage over the caterpillar (actually several, but..). We KNOW we the process brings that greatness within closer to the surface AND we havcheerleaders in our lives! If the catepillar can do it alone, any of us can do it with a few close friends who love us  and cheer for us.  Great blog! #awesomesauce 

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