honor your intuition“You cannot teach people anything, you can only help them find it within themselves.”  ~  Galileo

Information gives you a fish. Inner wisdom teaches you to fish. Education gives you an idea. Inner wisdom helps you experience and live your own truth.  Intuition is a life support system, instant access to support for life, and it is a life saver.

This is such good news. I remember when my family first bought our first set of encyclopedias; World Book I think they were called, an alphabetical guide to anything and everything. School projects became fun. It was like a mini library in the house. Then the internet changed everything. World Books were put away and a whole world of plagiarized projects opened up.

If the internet was an information revolution, intuition is a wisdom revolution. Imagine having instant access to all the wisdom of the ages, no monthly fees, no tests or scores, no large books or storage shelves. Intuition is the collective wisdom of all your knowledge, all your experience, all your memory, the inbuilt memory and wisdom of all who’ve gone before, the pre-sensing of the future, and more, at your finger tips at any time.

This is phenomenal, and takes a lot less effort than any education.

What you know you know is only the tip of the ice berg of what you could potentially access. What you don’t know you know is where the treasures lie. The conscious, linear thinking mind has information in it. If you have a good memory, it might even have quite a lot in it. But it’s likely not even 10% of the capacity of your mind. Your sub conscious mind opens you up to the other 90%. You just have to learn its language, the sound of its voice, and learn to tune in to its wisdom.

Intuition has often been marginalized as a quality that only the most spiritual person has access to, or else it’s been sidelined as pseudo science. On top of that, intuition is about living inside out, whereas we’re programmed from a young age to live outside in. Religion often says to look for salvation outside of you. Education systems point to test scores to measure “intelligence”. Weight loss and various other self improvement programs start by changing the outside, forgetting that no amount of self improvement can make up for a lack of self acceptance.  Any time you think the solutions to your problems lie outside of you, that thought is the first problem to overcome. Unfortunately, living outside in has become status quo.

Living from the outside in creates a wall around our lives that prevent us from reaching our full potential, and experiencing all that life has to offer us. Its like this old story,

A town was completely enclosed behind high walls. For generations all the people stayed within the walls, comfortable with the only world they knew. Occasionally some brave adventurer would climb over the wall, never to be seen again. Inside the walls, people wondered if their friends never came back because it was SO good outside of the walls or if it was dangerous and they  met with some awful tragedy. The risk was too great for most to take. Eventually the curiosity of a group of people in the town got the better of them. They decided to discover firsthand what life was like beyond the walls. They tied a rope around a volunteer, who climbed over the wall. After he had time to look around, they hauled him back. They were bursting with questions as they gathered around him, and everyone spoke at once. But the man said nothing. All he could do was smile from ear to ear.

It’s time to climb over the walls that have been limiting us and live from the inside out.Intuition is counter cultural. Its more about status flow than status quo.

In order to put intuition back in its rightful place, at the heart of our personal lives as well as at the heart of our societies, we need to place intuition in its (scientific) and universal context, as a part of our human make up. After all, it’s hard to think of a single decision, action or process that DOESN’T involve intuition. Our lives wouldn’t get off first base without intuition. We’ve just been programmed to ignore it, so it goes deeper underground. By putting intuition back in its central place, we can become more conscious of the limitless possibilities at our finger tips all the time. Why would we NOT want to live our full potential?

What better place to turn than the famous Myers Briggs personality test! The second pair of preferences is sensing and intuition. We all do both, but we generally prefer one over the other. (and society is definitely biased to sensing over intuition)

This fun story describes sensing and intuiting.

Two thieves are pulling off a breaking-and-entering job in a high-rise office building. Suddenly, they hear someone approaching. The intuitive thief says to the Sensory thief, “Jump out the window or we’ll get caught!” The Sensory thief says, “You’ve got to be joking! We’re on the 13th floor!” To which the intuitive replies, “This is no time to be superstitious! Jump!”

There’s a huge difference between superstition and intuition. Superstition comes from the outside in. We are told from a young age that certain things are good or bad luck, whether a four leafed clover or the number 13. Superstition comes from the outside in. Intuition is an inner sense of opportunity or danger, a cue to advance or retreat.

So intuition is not superstition or hocus pocus. It’s a part of our human perception. Sensory perception is about what we take in through our five senses. Intuitive perception is about perception that the five senses can’t account for. If you’re walking on the beach, through your sensory perception you might see, hear  or feel details like the shape of the waves and the feel of the sound. Looking back on the experience, you will remember events as they actually happened. Your intuitive perception finds patterns, makes connections, imagines possibilities. Intuition is the foundation of awe and wonder, as you imagine the massive quantity of tiny grains of sand, the patterns of the tides, those who have walked these same steps thousands of years before. Through intuition, you are reminded of the privilege and miracle of being alive, of being you, of being connected to it all.

Intuition reads between the lines, sees beneath the obvious, finds subtle cues, notices body language, feels energy, creates meaning, loves symbols, works with impressions, speaks in poetry, enjoys silence. Intuition starts with the big picture, sees with perspective, day dreams and hums along in the sea of becoming. Your intuition is the sum total of who you are at this moment; all your memories, dreams and experiences colliding in the bag of wisdom bones called YOU!

Life is FULL of situations that we can’t fully describe or explain. Déjà vu, uncanny premonitions, synchronicity, recurring dreams, moments of human connection, ridiculously improbable meetings, outrageous “jinx” moments – these are all beautiful, if sometimes eerie, experiences.

There is no particular causal link. As Carl Jung said, it’s “more than chance, and less than causality”. For example, I am eating in a restaurant on the other side of the world in a place I have never been and there is my neighbor at the next table. We didn’t plan it. There is no rhyme or reason as to why this should happen. And yet, intuition loves to wonder if this is more than coincidence. We have a conversation that the crazy pace of home life never allowed for.  A friendship is born.

There is so much more to say about intuition. In upcoming articles, I will write about tapping into the limitless power of intuition. For now, let me offer this as a challenge to put intuition back in its rightful place as one of the tools for living a full, empowered and meaningful life. Intuition has been marginalized for too long.

As Joseph Campbell said, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be experienced.”

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