From Under the Covers

September 8th, 2010

I’m not one to get hysterical, buy into drama (unless I happen to be starring in it!) and nor do I watch endless hours of End-of-Times, they’re-coming-to-get-us news stories. But what I am about to tell you may change your life forever.

Bed bugs thrive in warm environments.
– There, now go tell all those you love.

Do you know what this means? Do you understand how freeing this news is? You must immediately stop making your bed and making your children make their beds. You are merely tucking your little bed bugs up for the day to breed happily and multiply before you hop back in with them at night. Mmm, cosy.

Now I’ve never been one to make my bed or tidy my room in childhood and well, truth be told, nor adulthood. So obviously I’m as happy as a clam about this news. But it’s bigger than this. For it’s an opportunity for those of us chained to habits, appearances, rules, obligations and expectations to be free. Let go of your security blankets, and question the status quo. Goodbye hospital corners.

So rip off those covers, strip those beds and rejoice in the naked beauty of your bare mattress. Let it breathe the sweet air of freedom!

Together we can take this new freedom out of the bedroom, and into the daylight. Let us rise up together, push back the covers on past behaviours, mess with our predictable routines, unfold our insecurities, and air out our issues. You now have the freedom to untuck that pretty top layer and stop the uninvited from breading.

….Well, this is my excuse for a messy bed, take it or leave it.
Want to sleep with multiplying bed bugs? Go right ahead. If you make your bed, well then you must lie in it…I dare you. But just know that if you come to visit and see that my bed’s a mess, well it’s just because I’m a clean freak who likes to pull back the layers.

Copyright (C) 2010 By Meg Lawton. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Meg you have a wonderful sight and I like what you are doing. I like to write short stories, not for kids though. You can learn more about me by going to my Website which I have given you the address…cheers FL

  2. Meg says:

    Thanks Figaro, I love my job!

  3. I was walking at the mall when I noticed a thief dashing towards the door carrying a bag from a young woman . I was relieved that it wasn’t me whose bag was stolen but I felt sorry for the victim. Life in general can be unpredictably harsh for some of us. I was watching my kids playing by the lawn and they were so busy playing with their toys. I constantly enjoy watching them as they are but every time I start thinking that they’ll be going to school before long worries me. Life in general can be very easy when you’re still little but things become difficult as you grow up.

  4. I’m ripping mine off as we speak, but it’s because our 15 year old Persian Chinchilla just let loose a wicked hair ball. She must have been reading over my shoulder and took immediate action, as she always does. What are your views on dusting? Papa G B

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