Picture Perfect

September 28th, 2010

familyIt’s really best to get them out of your head. Just forget them, tear them up and throw them away. Yes I know they’re pretty, peaceful, perfect and quite delightful. They’re wonderful to look at but they’re of no use at all. Simply more harm than good really.

Just a pile of made-up pictures to get in the way of reality. You know the ones; of the perfect family picnic, the mother-daughter shopping trip, the family game night, the cooking together, the father-son overnight trip, the growing, laughing and loving all the way to the end of the album.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love and appreciate all these things as much as the next person striving for happiness and fulfillment. But let’s be honest, those game nights can turn in an instant. Someone “cheats” so another storms out of the room. The cooking can burn and the kitchen’s a mess. The overnight can be awkward and quiet, both mother and daughter realize they don’t particularly like shopping, and the picnic can be too hot or too cold or just too lumpy. People throw themselves in a heap, change their minds and cry. They just do.

So now I try to watch the images as they develop in my mind. The pictures telling me what should be, all pretty and glossy. And I find if I toss aside those idyllic Kodak moments with the big pretend smiles, that I come to see life’s true colours more vibrantly and each real image sharper than I could ever imagine. The reality before me may never be as perfect as those pictures in my head, but I’m learning that most days I’d rather be living reality in 3D, even if some of us aren’t smiling into the camera.

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  1. Joan Cook says:

    I love what you had to say here, Meg.  I have boxes of those pictures, from 4 generations or more.  They’ve become another entity in the house, demanding that I give some of my living moments to them………shall I?

  2. Carl Van Krimpen says:

    Wow !!!

  3. Meg says:

    Thanks Carl 🙂

  4. Suzanne says:

    I have so many of these moments.  Not the pictures…rather, the ideals.  I know that my expectations are just simply too high, for the people that I place them on, to live up to.  So, for now, when I think of these (regrets), I know that to continue in that line of thinking will only leave me feeling resentful, angry, and fearful of the unknown.  Thanks, Meg, for taking the time, to help me realize that these images in my mind are just that…fantasies of what I wanted.  I know now, that I need to be grateful, just to have had these people in my life….

  5. sara says:

    hi Meg~ really enjoy your realness
    best,Sara 🙂

  6. Meg says:

    Thank you for your honesty Suzanne, sounds like you’ve conquered the 1st step: being aware…..

    -and thanks Sara!

  7. Craptaticmah says:

    You are a superstar Meg; I just love your thoughts.  ALMOST makes me feel normal.  Not quite though 🙂  I don’t see normal in my future.  Not sure I want it! 

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