Fearing Halloween.

October 25th, 2010

Without hesitation she replied quite simply “A picture frame”.
Phew, I can do picture frame,
“This will be a piece of cake” I say,
“Oooh I want to be a piece of cake” her brother adds.

Halloween is not one of my favourite holidays, for various reasons. It’s not just because it isn’t a part of my Aussie upbringing, that masks scare me, or that I’m yet to discover the joys in watching my children beg for candy from strangers. No, truth be told, the main reason I don’t particularly enjoy this holiday is because I’m scared of what my kids come up with for costumes each year. Can’t she just be a witch like all the other little girls?

Last year she was a tree. Her foliage was thick and full as we took photos at the front door. Her smile peered out between the beautiful branches. But as she ran from door to door her limbs kept falling off and she ended up looking like a little girl in a brown tracksuit. Her brother was Lego’s that year, a costume I was quite proud of as he didn’t fall apart at all and I could spot him easily as his bright green, red and yellow over sized Lego pieces could be seen 23 houses away.

But it was the year prior to this that ended in tears (my tears). It’s so hard when you try to be creative and people simply don’t understand your perspective. But you tell me, how does one make an “Air” outfit? I spent weeks agonizing over his costume, wondering if I should go the wind route and stick little fans all over him but later decided on bubble wrap which was terribly misinterpreted “No he is NOT a snowman” I repeated running behind him from house to house. I think he was more embarrassed by his crazy mother than the bubble wrap around his entire body tripping him up every step.

The year before he was water…don’t ask….let’s just say I’m glad it was dark out. (I had begged for earth I mean if we were going to be doing the 4 elements as he seemed to be, give me earth….I can do dirt, dirt is easy!)

But alas, as I’ve been writing, she has now declared she wants to be a banana. I’m not sure how an 8 year old mind jumps from “picture frame” to “banana” but what I do know is that it’s my job to help my children celebrate and express their inner tree, banana, air…..or whatever it is they want to be for Halloween, and in life.

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