Life is a Cabaret

November 8th, 2010

Our life is a cabaret.
We have the singing, costumes
and at times, yes, the jazz hands.

On any given day we will hear:
Solos being belted out in showers,
humming over homework,
and whistling while the dishes are cleared.

“What will I have for lunch?” she sings.
Not asks, sings.
And then flitters from pantry to fridge.
Yes, there is flittering here too.

She colours our lives with endless song
without even knowing it.
She needs no audience, no applause.
In fact, she’d prefer we didn’t even notice.

So we all go about
getting along in our day,
with sideways glances of thankfulness
for the songs she sings in our lives.

For without her voice,
each day would be a little less
And a lot less melodic.

Our home, our lives
are all her stage.
And I am so delighted
to play my small part in her wonderful show.

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  1. Kat Russell says:

    I have often said that life needs more sound effects and dance numbers. And that we must do them for ourselves ’cause ain’t nobody gonna do ‘em for us.

  2. Kristen Lucksted says:

    Awww Meg….this is soooo poetic, inspiring and touching.  You are an awesome Mom for living at a pace that allows this perspective and appreciation.

  3. Meg says:

    Very true Kat! And Thanks for your generous words Kristen. Some days I have to stand waaaaaaaay back to get perspective and appreciation :)

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