Message from the Heart

January 31st, 2011

They say they know,
But they can’t. Not really.
It’s too big for this space, this moment.

They can only ever hear it with their young ears.
And feel it with their expectant hearts.
As it should be.
“Of course” they casually say.
“But Really” I push.

I can’t help myself; it forces its way to the surface.
Sometimes it’s perfect, just right.
Other times, they’re irritated and brush it to the floor.
Not now.

I watch them, wondering if they’ll ever know
these feelings.
How deep and endless they are.
How full to the top and stretched out of shape I am.

I’m practicing.
Placing the words more loosely,
letting it float gently between us.
Lets hold it together, share.
It’s for both of us.

So I will keep trying.
No matter what they do, and who they become.
until my throat is dry and just a whisper crawls out.
“I love you”

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  1. Courtney says:

    This is precisely how it is… thank you for the words.

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