The Big Bang.

March 28th, 2011

Most of you haven’t seen me in the morning, for those of you who have, I apologise. I’m one of those people who would happily grunt till midday. As one might say I’m not really a “morning person”. No; my sunny disposition doesn’t kick in till much later.

So with my big old bead-head, sleep breath, eyes squinting to adjust to the day, and wearing whatever t-shirt was lying closest to the bed, I fumble through my morning routines.

Tomato and basil sandwich for one, the other wants tuna today. I grab various snack items, juice box, and check, lunches are made. Now for the cereal and toast requests, hair brushing, forms that need a signature for who knows what.

Clothes, teeth and hunting down that most important item for “sharing” which we seemed to have lost somehow between carefully placing it on the kitchen counter at bedtime last night and waking this morning. But today was a little different. Yes today I had to answer the various normal questions posed at 7:30am, “do I need my coat?” and “why can’t school only be 4 days a week?”

But on this day, another question was hurled in my direction, completely catching my unawakened body off balance.
“Do you believe in the big bang or that god made the world?”

Ahhh, yes, my 6yr old’s never-not-for-a-moment restful mind.

Now? You need to know right now? I wonder as I find my son’s lost shoe amongst the legos. Like you want the whole entire run down of why and how we came to be here, at 7:30 in the morning while my brain still pretends it’s back in bed asleep?

“Well” I begin to respond. “Well” I know there is no way it was made in 7 days and yes, I do think there was a big bang, and I think since then the world has evolved.” ……I then say something about fossils and the ice age and meteors and atoms, and scientists and perhaps even something about how fingernails keep growing after you die. (No, I don’t know why)
At which the 6 yr old replies, “Wow, it must have been really loud!”
“The bang” she says.

I stop myself just in time before I say something silly about how there wouldn’t have been anyone around, so would it really be loud if there was nobody to hear it?

“Yes, it would have been really big.” I humbly agree.
She thought hard for a moment and happily concluded,
“Ahhh, so that’s why God called it the Big Bang.”

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  1. Myriam says:

    precious little angels…they know more than we do!

  2. Margaret says:

    Solved with just a few words. perfect in its simplicity and depth!

  3. Kayli Hawker says:

    This was a great story it made me laugh and then I remembered back when I started asking my self those “silly qeustions” haha. But It was a great read and thanks for sharing and BTW I think you will find those great answers at kokonutlime Because we all had a moment like that at one point or another :0) Thank you thank you thank you for sharing and have a wonderful evening.

  4. Joy says:

    Beautiful, thank you!

  5. Sounds like she’s got it all figured out 🙂

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