The Crossing

March 22nd, 2011

Clutching the toddler’s hand at a busy road
I notice another mother does not.
Her child a little older than mine
walking happily ahead.

I cannot imagine ever letting go
of his hand in that very place.
Allowing him to run on ahead,
fearing the worst and always worrying.

Yet, later I stand at the busy road,
my child with arms swinging free.
He’s somehow grown enough
for me to know that he is ready.

I don’t know how it happened,
just one day I could trust.
And this happened to be the day
that I could let him grow up.

There’s been a lot of that over the years,
the clutching and letting go.
The holding back, and saying ok
right there on the busy road.

I may have not have got the timing right.
Perhaps we stood too long,
or hurried, rushing on over.
Him too far ahead, me not far enough behind.

Now it’s late nights, driving and girlfriends,
another busy road.
I simply trust that he’ll watch both ways,
before crossing to where he is going.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Delicate,  beautiful and so profound meg. Namaste

  2. Alida says:

    Beautiful Meg! I sent it forward to my daughters

  3. Sue Emeleus says:

    And it all starts again when you get grandchildren. I am re-living some of the dilemmas of parenting, with nine grandsons, and one little granddaughter. The blessings are huge. Sue

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