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If you mess up, ‘fess up. Come clean, and wipe the slate clean.

For some reason there is a strong smell of blame wafting though the corridors of  our home.
“It’s not my fault, he/she/the dog/postman/Abraham Lincoln/ that squirrel running up the tree/  made me do it!”  No it never seems to be my children’s fault when they spill their drink/forgot homework/pinch their sibling.

We all do it. In various ways, at various times. Do your children see you jump to excuses, point the finger or just mutter under your breath “if only so-and-so had done something-or-other then I wouldn’t be running late/yelling right now/ still in pjamas/or loosing my mind? (for surely somebody else has run off with that!)

Oh how a simple whisper of admittance, ownership, and the magic word “sorry” changes everything.   “Yep, it was me, I screwed up” is so freeing to the soul, like a huge cleansing breath.

Well, it’s time for some spring cleaning at out place. I plan to get rid of the stench of blame, starting with me. Yes time to open some windows, take a deep breath and say “This is my stuff, sorry” You never know, my kids may just notice, and if not, well, I will.

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  1. shay says:

    You have great resources on your site.  Thank you.

  2. ian says:

    thank you Shay- take whatever is useful

  3. Cavarna's Inner Works says:

    Mothers unite! We learn so much about ourselves from children.  I believe they are our most important mirrors.

  4. Love this lesson. It’s a good thing that children have great parents, like us, who are there to teach them the life skill of responsibility. This is an extremely important lesson because it is one that will carry on throughout their adulthood. People love people who openly accept responsibility and as a mom, it is extremely rewarding to see my children take ownership of their lives and accept responsibility openly and honestly when they make mistakes. Thank you for sharing your post!

  5. Todd says:

    Great article!  Kids are much more perceptive than what we give them credit for.  Admitting that we make mistakes makes it easier for our kids to do the same.

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