familyThe quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.    -Lane Olinghouse

I’ve been told by some to “Just relax”. …….yeh, right! I’ve tried, honestly  I have. But have they noticed I have three children? I pick up a book, and there they are. I sip on my peppermint tea in a sunny corner, and there they are. I hide in my closet to catch my breath and there they are. I go to the loo, and yep, there they are!

So, to be sure of said “relaxation”, a most important commodity in the life of any parent….leave the premises! Yes, you do indeed have permission to enjoy time away from your children.  Sure we know you love them, but you need to love yourself first. Whether it be for a stroll around the block after the dinner time rush, an overnight with a girlfriend, or time staring blankly at a tree…….go on scoot- get outta here! Your sanity depends on it.


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