The Path

May 17th, 2011

Ever laughed without smiling,
or knelt without knees,
hugged without touching
or said thanks without please?

Ever clapped without hands,
or chewed without teeth,
slept without dreams,
or felt calm without peace?

Ever forgot without knowing,
or read without words,
swum without water,
or took without turns?

Ever sung without song,
or stopped without starting,
questioned without freedom,
or worried without caring?

Ever screamed without sound,
or kissed without lips,
found without searching
or followed without bliss?

Ever given without getting,
or changed without fear,
learned without practice
or cried without tears?

Ever loved without feeling
or let go without pain,
believed without doubt,
or lost without gain?

Hand in hand
heart to heart
side by side
along this path.

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  1. Jacob Nordby says:

    this is a ruggedly beautiful poem.  it twangs some very deep heart-strings.

    many blessings

    Jacob Nordby

  2. meg says:

    Thanks Jacob, I’m glad it connected with you.

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