A Fantastic Reality.

June 28th, 2011

Nope, never was a fan of “The Hobbit”. (Insert gasp here) Fantasy just isn’t a genre I’m drawn to. Guess I’ve always been a realist, even as a child. (some may even say cynic)

It’s true, I do not like talking animals, time travel, princesses, and unexplained tricks where brooms multiply, nor when ugly beasts turn handsome with a kiss, and where oompaloompas work happily without swimming naked in chocolate rivers…..come on people, you buy this stuff?

But, I must confess I do have one exception. My favourite childhood book was “Watership Down”, but it is questionable if this is in fact fantasy. I mean don’t you think rabbits have daily discussions about the impending doom inflicted on their homes by we humans?

So where does this leave me as a mother of three very creative, imaginative children?
I’ll tell you where, balancing on the edge of sarcasm (with tongue firmly wedged in cheek, “yes, yes…you look just like a big scary 2 headed monster walking across a tightrope eating a hot dog”) and your plain old garden variety envy.

I envy that others can enjoy, relax and escape into the world of magic. Where witches melt, boys never grow up (oh, just a minute, I do kinda believe in that one) where ghosts are friendly, where you can walk through a wardrobe into a kingdom where a lion saves you by dying, and don’t forget the all important lessons of good triumphing over evil (and that you can tell the difference between the two based simply on how pretty or ugly they are)

Oh I wish it were all that simple, that easy, that wonderful. The secret is that I actually want to live in a land of chocolate rivers and handsome princes, or just a land where someone else cooked dinner would be fantasy enough for me! You don’t think I’ve never wanted to slip on a pair of custom made fairy wings and flown right outta here once in a while?

So when I do need a little magic in my life, I just look over at my wonder filled children creating and experimenting. Designing entire cities from sticks and stones, turning their bikes into invisible time machines, and “flying” off the steps, landing with a thud in the hallway. Yes, move over Dumbo, for who needs flying elephants when your own children can fly?

………….But a fairy godmother, now that would be nice.

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  1. Ava says:

    Glad you have creative children, so do I it’s a blessing:)love your line “move over dumbo who needs flying elephantswhen you have my children” exactly:)!

  2. Lisa says:

    But that’s what kids are there for, to give us a sense of wonder and take us out of our mundane. I woke one morning this week in a grump; my son woke up thanking God for the moon and stars. I know I will still peel my head from my pillow with a sore head most days but I’m glad of the gift of a child to keep me in check.  🙂 

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