familyI will say the words I love you till my throat is dry and the words crumble in my mouth.

You can never say I love you too many times to a child. Some days they hear you loud and clear, all the way through to their soul. But sadly, some days they just can’t hear you over their own voices of judgement and self doubt. Some days you have to yell it in another language. With touch, laughter, and time together playing badminton.  Your words may fall on deaf ears but your  actions will always be heard, and more importantly, felt..

Say I love you in new and honest ways today.

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  1. @feelingfood says:

    I have one son and each day, many times a day I tell him, “I love you,” he is a kind and loving boy, now with another angel on the way, I feel very happy when I read thoughts like the one you shared above. It is so important to reaffirm unconditional love. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Meg says:

    Your son is a lucky boy 🙂


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