Enough is Enough.

August 23rd, 2011

“Really, we’re rich?” she asks in delight. “For real?” her eyes widen with dreams of owning her very own petting zoo.

My then 6yr old seemed to be quite curious about wealth.  Apparently it had been a topic of discussion between her and her friends. Can you imagine? How would their little minds frame such notions with their 6 year old perspectives? How would they measure their wealth I wondered- by how big their dolls were?

So, when I was asked “Are we rich?” anyone who knows me, knows exactly how the following reply went. And for those of you who don’t let me catch you up to speed……it went something like this: “Of course we are rich. We have food, education, toys, holidays, a house, running clean water, clothes”….you get the picture.

“So we have lots and lots of money?” her voice brimmed with hope.
“Well”, I stammered, feeling all previous lessons had somehow been lost in translation from adult to child. This was not quite the direction I had wanted this to go. I pictured her going up to her teacher saying how rich we were. Randomly adding it to conversations as 6yr olds do.  “Do you know we’re so rich we can buy anything? We can buy chocolate factories, whole countries even the sky…..we have so much money….” So with this fear looming I tried to add a quick  measure of sorts

“Well, not RICH rich” I anxiously added, pretending to make sense.  Her face screwed up in an a suspicious manner, and just when I thought my 6 year old had “got” me, I found the exact right words….
“We have enough, and that is plenty”

She threw me a simple “OK” over her shoulder as she walked off.  The 6yr old needed no more explanation, for enough is enough. I on the other hand needed to be peeled out of the corner.

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  1. Michael says:

    I like the “We have enough, and that’s plenty”, it’s a great, helpful line that takes away any fears a child might have. A sense of abundance has a lot to do with how you frame it. As I consider in my blog post this week, all too many people are framing a ‘scarcity’ world model at the moment that is paralyzing a more positive action model. http://www.wottdey.com/amazing-things/abundance-is-already-here/

  2. paloma king says:

    Am laughing to myself, can just picture that, great post:)

  3. Selim says:

    “Wheeew! That was close!” :) I absolutely can symphatize from my days as a single daddy of a 4 year old son. “Beware what comes out of your lips, because it might be used against you!”

  4. Jay says:

    It is nice she has joy over the notion. It breaks my heart when I hear my kids worrying about things like if we can buy groceries this week… Someday things will change :)

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