Holding It All.

October 6th, 2011

Ahhhh, holding a child’s hand…ever done it? Felt their soft little palm in yours? Have you been fully aware of the trust, love and tenderness between you?
Try it.

I have been known to grab, pull, drag, a child’s hand, across a busy road, through a mall, up a sledding hill,
No, not this kind of hand-holding, no, not at all.
I mean the time when little fingers search out yours for no reason other than to connect, touch and be with you. Just you, just because.
It’s the little hand that needs to know you’re there, and you are, aren’t you?

Our little 9ry old sweetie is a divine hand holder. Not only because she generously gives me this gift over and over, but because of the words she once told me.

The direct quote would be
“You know, when I hold someone’s hand, I feel like I’m holding gods hand.”
Whoa, that’s some responsibility, so from this moment I decide to hold her hand a little more gently.
And each time her little palm moulds into mine, I feel a tremendous honor, summoned to be all I can be,  for her.

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  1. Meg Lawton:
    What a blessing that your tweet leading to this post was the first thing I saw today in my twitter stream. You have just inspired me to focus my morning session on the  the gift of the presence of children in our lives.
    Thank you.

  2. Lara N. says:

    Oh yeah, that’s what it’s all about…those little hands and the little people they’re attached to!
    And the little pat-pats on your face, the little moist kisses on the cheek, the nose rubs and the clinging to you for dear life, as if to say “Your hugs make my heart the happiest!”

  3. So lovely! I’ve always treasured holding my children’s hands because I know that every day they’re getting bigger. At one point, it’ll be my hand snugly fitting inside theirs.

  4. Bless her little cotton socks! Today I asked my kids (aged 4 & 7) “What does God look like?” If I may, here is my post about their funny and heartwarming comments for you and your friends. http://teachingkidsisfun.com/what-does-god-look-like Please stop by and visit my blog sometime, all welcome! Have a blessed day.

  5. Carol Shimp says:

    Thank you Soulseeds, for reminding me.

  6. Susanne Crayton says:

    Such simple words that mean so much. The best things in life are trully free, xx

  7. Heulwen Renshaw says:

    Yes, what a lovely thought. I think if we believe in Jesus, we see things through His eyes..therefore He only lets us see what is good.  

  8. tamaranatk says:

    I am very touched by these words. My own children are adult already. But I cherish the moments when I’m with my grandchildren. Thanks for shareing your feelings.

  9. Tamara says:

    As a parent I didn’t have the conscious awareness that I have today as a “Mimi.” It makes me sad to think how much I missed loving the hands of my own children. But having grandchildren is a gift of grace and mercy from God — a ‘do-over’ of sorts. I’ll never hold those precious little hands the same again after reading this post! Thank you.

  10. Ashley says:

    Aww that’s completely adorable.  I’ll take that into consideration the next time I reach for JAM’s hand

  11. Lovely post, Meg! I too have experienced that sort of holy connection, albeit not because of anything the child said;  just from a magical flow of peaceful, loving energy.

  12. Meg says:

    So glad to connect Jeffrey- thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Cookie's Mom says:

    This is a beautiful sentiment. I absolutely LOVE those moments. My boy is six and I don’t know how much longer he will do this, but when he places his hand in mine unexpectedly, I almost stop breathing in an attempt to slow time and savour the moment. Bliss. I love your daughter’s perspective. How wonderful to know how much it means to her.

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