A Watery Path.

November 15th, 2011

Over the years
She’s pregnant. She cried.
“You have a boy”, again
happy, ecstatic tears.
Another two makes three.
Three times more
the tears.

Tears from firsts,
tears from lasts.
Beginning school,
of pushing away,
tight embraces,
overnight stays,
and saying
First hurts. Last glances
Thankful tears
for second chances.

Tears from fears that
she’s not good enough,
doing it right,
holding too tight,
no -just not quite

Falling short
of that mark up there.
Even on toes
she still isn’t good
Trying. Crying.
Sleeping on maybes
and the hopes of tomorrows.
Placing unsure feet on
wobbly dreams
to reach somewhere

But She doesn’t yet know
that today’s tears will
release her
Fears that bind her, tie her
to not-good-enough
To standards so high,
you’d have to fly.
But she doesn’t fly
She cries.
Tears of pain, and delight
of regret, and pride
and all that lives
in between
and hidden
just a little
to the side.

And then
all the first and lasts
blend into one
until She cannot sort
from the other.
“You have a boy”, She cried tears
through the years
that carried her along
a watery path
of highs and lows
toward the moment
he says goodbye.
And through blinking eyes,
she sees the smile
of the man she raised
on his way.

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  1. kaarin says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Just wonderful, Meg – and so poignant!  I know how you feel, but haver been able to express myself so well.  Love, Mum

  3. Kelly LaMore says:

    Exactly, Meg!   I am never sure what is going to trigger the flow of tears.  My favorite ones are when I am so happy or proud that I feel like I will burst.  Good thing we have tear ducts, to let all of that emotion out!

  4. Margaret says:

    You bring me to tears meg, deep in my heart. And that process you describe with such delicacy and insight is the rhythm of life that just keeps rolling on, always more true than the time before.

  5. Jo-Anne says:

    Wonderful, I am going to use this in my Advent reading about Mary Mother of Jesus . It brings tears to one’s heart, to know that the Holy in us gives us the opportunity to be creators of  life.

  6. adele says:

    Oh lovely,  tears in my eyes reading it

  7. KaylaH says:

    Simply Beautiful. I know those tears very well. Thank you.

  8. Ellie says:

    Beautiful. You take me back many years. tears on my end. joyful anticipation on the other.
    All will be well.  It always is. 

  9. Myrna says:

    What a great job expressing your emotions! Beautiful, Meg.

  10. Brenda says:

    My “baby boy” just moved out of state last week.  I know these feelings well of late!  The joy, the missing him–all the rainbow of emotion.  Thank you for this beautiful expression!

  11. Tina says:

    Truly moving. You always hit it with the right words. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Lisa says:

    Love it!

  14. Sasha says:

    Wow very touching!

  15. Rumi says:

    Its beautiful creation 🙂

  16. Michelle says:

    So beautiful!

  17. Andrea says:

    Came across this via Twitter today.  I am one very proud mum but how many times did I wonder if I was doing it right, doubting myself.  My only child is now 21 and married to a lovely girl So he  is  all grown up and out there in the world making a difference with his music and his faith.  Thank you for putting down on words how I feel.

  18. Katie says:

    Friend, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said ‘this one is my favorite’ when it comes to your writing.  But really.  This one is my favorite.

  19. Lisa H. says:

    Wow!  So beautiful, you truly have a gift for writing that is so heartfelt.  Thank you for sharing.  

  20. Eve says:

    Lovely! It’s a beautiful poem . You have an incredible gift!

  21. Well deserving of poetry… and early childhood development… thanks.

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