I Know This Much Is True

November 22nd, 2011

I have it all.

I have a husband, and kids. A house, debt a pet chinchilla and a dog that is too cute for it’s own good. I have long friendships, caring parents, and a pantry full of food. I have vacations, clothing and an education.

I have the seasons, the daylight and sleep. I have the here and now and the possibility of tomorrow. I have gardens and oceans. I have every colour and every sound in all the earth. I can reach for the horizon or just put one foot forward.

I have fear and pain both deep and frightening. Doubt that freezes me in place, and bad circulation. I have control issues, environmental issues, and parenting issues. I have anger, am irritated and skeptical. I have grief, loss and pits full of loneliness.

I have complete clarity, and utter disbelief. I have the freedom to question and the safety to just be. I have the luxury to explore, myself. I have nowhere to be and everywhere to go. I have space to run and shadows to hide in.

I have snow storms and hospital visits. Tulips that refuse to bud. I have misunderstandings, lost keys and skinned knees. I have barking dogs and forgotten moments just out of reach.

I have a child on my lap, and under foot. I have laugh lines and worry lines and long boring grocery lines. Dirt under my fingernails and silver painted toenails. I have grey hair and skinny jeans that I probably shouldn’t wear.

I have laughter that cannot be stopped and tears that surprise me. I have children to teach me and a partner to believe in me. I have hot tea, conversations, and Sunday afternoons. I have dreams that just won’t let go and squirrels at my bird feeder.

I have missed opportunities and made up dramas. The songs of birds I too easily tune out. I have my own inner world and too much housework. I have soft landings, harsh realities and old worn out ugg boots.

I have acceptance, I have peace, I have passion.
I have love.
I have my breath.
But I have so much more than all of this. These big clumsy words bulky and awkward, cannot possibly explain just how much I have.
For it is true, I have more than enough.
I have it all.

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  1. Kelly LaMore says:


  2. Jeanne Maxon says:

    Your columns are high on my “thankful for” list!

  3. meg says:

    Thank YOU, I appreciate anyone who takes a moment to connect with another :)

  4. dianne lien says:

    Meg, Your words are spoken from the soul. Thank you for writing with clarity of being Thankful for just being….alive. @—<–<-~ (a red rose for you.)

  5. shereen says:

    Bless you Meg. thanks a lot.

  6. Meg says:

    You are most welcome.

  7. Daryl says:

    This was quite lovely and thought provoking. I enjoyed it. Despite having it all, though, I saw no mention of a good Latte. :)

  8. mammasaver says:

    Beautiful, simple, complex.

  9. Heulwen Renshaw says:

    This is really beautiful, and doesn’t this reflect on all of us in many ways. It makes us realize that the ‘Have got’ means much more to us than the ‘Haven’t got.’  Taking us further to another day of gratification. Thank you.

  10. Mandi says:

    Amen! Sometimes I forget I have it all. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Sharon Eden says:

    So deliciously honest… love it!

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  13. [...] http://www.soulseeds.com/grassroots/2011/11/i-know-this-much-is-true-2/ Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailLinkedInLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. By Lady Brooks • Posted in News Updates 0 [...]

  14. What wonderful words, an inspiration x

  15. Jenny says:

    I can’t say how much I needed to read this today.  Thank you Meg!

  16. Margaret says:

    And Amen to all that has been written and all comments 

  17. Ema says:


  18. Will says:

    Brilliantly beautiful, thank you with gratitude

  19. Anne says:

    Insightful, witty and wonderful!  Thank you for reminding us all that we have far more than we’ll ever need! 

  20. ns says:

    but you don’t say if this is driving you happy, does it, I hope so, it is so beautifully said

  21. Sherrie says:

    I love the way you wrote this Meg. It expresses just how I feel about my life, my thoughts, my point of view. I’m going to share it on my blog(Myself Self Help.) Thanks so much! :)

  22. Jody says:

    Thank you what a gorgeous read!! 

  23. Joan Cook says:

    You said it, Meg!  I have a gratitude list but forget to add to it as often as I could.  And you do SO belong in those skinny pants because you look great in them.

  24. Anonymous says:

    haha- Joan, you know how to make a girl feel good :)
    and Sherrie, share away :)

  25. Mary says:

    God people like you are so irritating. How can you possibly moan about anything when you have so much?! There are so many people who’d give anything just for one of the things you’ve got like a loving partner for example. You really need a reality check and to get over yourself. You are clearly a very spoilt person! You think you are so great because you grudgingly appreciate what you have. Makes me sick. Grow up please and stop posting until you do.

  26. Margaret says:

    These truths bring tears to my eyes. Thank you and Namaste

  27. Arne says:

    Mary, sadly you mustn’t know the author of this blog, because you’ve missed the whole point of it. Meg is genuinely grateful in all that life throws her, and her blog is about encouraging all to be grateful, even when we don’t feel it. I’m sorry that you couldn’t be blessed by this blog the way Meg intended. It’s not a whinge: but an encouragement to gratitude. And on thanksgiving, highly appropriate I think. Blessings!

  28. Heulwen Renshaw says:

    We have so much, and yet we’re sometimes lured to  the ‘hard done to’; the half empty glass; and the grass is greener over the road! Thank you for reminding us of all that we have, and helping us out of that easily fallen into ‘pit’ of depression, ‘We’ …of little faith.  Many thanks again. :)

  29. Lori says:

    A dear friend once told me that “One day, Lori you will just BE”  I asked, of course, Be What?  She laughed.
    Today I understand.  
    Loved your column.  Thank you  

  30. Susan says:

    I love reading your blogs, but especially enjoyed this one. And I love that I know you and can hear your voice in my mind as I read. Love your energy & your human-ness. Love you!

  31. Barbara says:

    Just touching,,,so helping as it is so reflecting …because it is so touching. Thank you!

  32. Sven Seifert says:

    OMG Meg so such life you have is the Best. Congratulation.  Many Thanks Meg. :-)

  33. Andrea More says:

    …and Disney! Don’t forget – we have Disney. Our destination in 4 weeks after a day and half drive. Loved learning about your life. Andrea

  34. Deanna says:

    To love and to be loved is to have it all. Sounds like you’ve got both in spades. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Tseiknom says:

    i am grateful Meg, for this piece!I have most of it and I know this much is true.

  36. You have the blessing of parents who loved you so much, that they let you be…  

  37. Lisa says:

    Lovely, just lovely…really moved me, so true, we do have it all <3

  38. Vince says:

    You also have a tremendous gift for sharing in a way that truly inspires, thank-you!I was aloft for that moment.

  39. Suzi says:

    I love this, Meg. Thank you.  I, too, have it all. 

  40. Ryan says:

    What makes you and your other half awesome is that you are aware of what you have and own it.Stay awesome. 

  41. Karen says:

    Thanks for writing this, Meg. Love the way you balance the big things in life with the mundane, but still important things. I think I will use this as a model and try to write my own. And I will start with “I have a beautiful SNOW DAY!” Much love to you and your family.

  42. Margy says:

    You are a genius at putting words down. Thank you for this. Forwarding your words today to all my sisters. With gratitude from a very cold and snowy Ottawa, Canada.

  43. Roberts says:

    Love this. You rock. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Faaima says:

    I absolutely thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post as it has awakened me to ALL that I have and have subsequently been taking for granted.

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