Today’s Story.

November 1st, 2011

Hands leaf through pages
with long ago words.
Hearts search through stages
with long ago hurts.

The story keeps changing
from this day to next.
The mind rearranging,
to what it likes best.

A tale told over,
a familiar groove.
A place to take cover
no need to move.

But it’s time to tear up
and toss away plots.
Close that book shut
on the shoulds and should nots.

Live in the moment
for the past is gone.
Don’t sit and ferment,
it’s time to move on.

Grab this  day
for all it’s worth,
don’t be afraid
to let go of old hurt.

Look up and look out
to see the best view,
for living out loud
is all you can do.

Be bold in your choice
to not sit and stew.
But give this day voice,
and shout out Thank You!

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  1. SarahJane says:

    Well written, you have a gift & you use it well!

  2. Joan Cook-Howe says:

    “Live out loud”…oh yeah.  That says it in 3 words, Meg.  Living within oneself is living within the roar of your own mind and yet shut off from the world.  Living out loud lets you out and the world in….breathtakingly liberating.

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