A Cold Awakening

February 28th, 2012

The snow lays a blanket of stillness and peace over our winter thoughts, tucking us in and telling us to hush and rest now. All I want to do is stomp my feet and yell “Wake up!” but as a child in this new land I do as I’m told. So, Okay – you win, I will slow down a little now and notice what you have to say.

Crystal daggers carve slivers of intrigue, sculpting shapes out of water and freeze them above doorways and windowsills. A mild frozen threat hangs above my head.

The air snatches my breath before I breathe, so I keep it close to me under my scarf, a secret I’m not willing to share.

Shapeless clouds merge into one and lower themselves upon my back. I had never noticed the weight of a cloud and I begin to drag my feet a little slower.

Yet in amazement, this grey colourless world turns white in a magical moment. My eyes desperate for change from the grey gladly accept a fresh perspective on this world in hiding.

Snow delicately balances on every twig in the finest layer. A faint whisper of wind is all it takes to shake it from it’s perch. The world becomes soft and gentle with one simple snowfall. And I watch.

I grab my coat and boots on the way to bed, for my very unmagical day demands I go outside, to see for myself and become a part of it all.

The air bites my nose and cheeks as I step out into the dark winter wonderland around me, a quick rub warms them up, but not for long.

I look up to the streetlight and watch each silvery flake fall from the blackness, as if tiny stars are finding their way to earth just for me to wish upon.

My ears strain to hear any sounds of life; I hear nothing, until the nothing of the night becomes louder than the distant sounds of the day. When satisfied I’ve listened with more than just my ears, I come inside with goodnight kisses still wet upon my cheek.

Sleep has patiently waited for me to learn the lessons of the day. Lessons of  sharp becoming gentle, dull- peaceful.  But most importantly, the ordinary turning magical once resistance becomes receiving. “Shhhh” you say, “That’s enough for today.” I listen and close my eyes knowing that the world will look a little different when I see it next. Dreams begin to dance as I whisper thank yous in my sleep.

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  1. Kellie says:

    Very nice Meg, “that’s enough for today” – lovely!

  2. Emily says:

    Meg you are a beautiful writer.  I so appreciate the delicate nuances that you so artfully describe.

  3. Sam Gbash says:

    Great imagery! Great piece!

  4. kierstendart says:

    Wow.   This was magical, Meg. 

  5. sue michener says:

    Oh, how beautiful! 

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