Floating Mud Pies.

February 14th, 2012

Show me a girl who meets a boy.

A boy who doesn’t know how to steal a look without being caught.
A boy who can only ever be himself, who hasn’t ever learned how to hide, only seek.
Together they chase the chance to be.
Once caught, they stare at the truth within the other.
And see themselves.

Show me a girl, barely 20, with wide open eyes.
A girl with dreams of what the whole world can be.
Dreams blown up in bubbles floating across maybe skies.
Fantasies of life, love and the stories that follow.
Everybody waving hellos and nice to meet you’s.

Show me a girl who begins the journey
to finding all the bits inside her she never knew she had.
The good shiny and new, the hard and ugly ones too.
Motherhood scratches away to find the lot.
The only idea she has, is in fact that she has no idea at all.
Who let her in without papers, a passport?

Show me a girl who fights with fists against the chest of change.
Who can’t let go of the dreams in bubbles and the sweet hellos.
Her life doesn’t float, or drift calmly down a river of hope.
She has read the wrong books, and seen the wrong paintings.
Where is her story? The one with every page filled with question after question.
Yes, there are plenty of books on shelves with somebody elses answers.

Show me the girl who knows. Just somehow knows, beyond the reach of reason
that the boy by her side will always stay-
she would sometimes wonder, why.
Her face red and blotchy from trying and trying to let go of the could’s
and what if’s and perhaps and shoulds, all mixed up and muddy.
She sits in the puddle. And he with her, making make-belief pies.

Show me a girl who is taught by yesterday’s voice and tomorrows chances.
By the pieces of you you’re willing to share, and what you are not.
Who stops still long enough to catch a glimpse of herself, her crazy self
pacing well trodden steps while patience and peace slide in unnoticed.
Her eyes stop squinting, searching and longing to see
while he plants two feet, one in knowing, the other in being.

Show me a girl who grows up while holding the hand of a boy.
Pulling and pushing their way though each lesson; when to hold on and when to let go,
in giving, taking, pleasing, asking, trying and creating.
So the girl with her questions and the boy with his thoughts encourage each other
to breathe and to be. And together they dare to look up to the sky,
and see not bubbles, but floating mud pies.

Show me the girl,
And I will show you

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  1. Libby says:

    This is beautiful thank you Meg. Such good reminders to sit in our truths, not fantasies, and LOVE them
    On all days, especially to-day.

  2. Meg says:

    You are most welcome Libby. There are so many lessons in loving another and ourselves.

  3. Rhona Berens says:

    In a word: exquisite. Truly exquisite. Thank you.

  4. Yvonne says:

    “Yes, there are plenty of books on shelves with somebody elses answers.”
    So beautiful…. 

  5. meg says:

    I appreciate your lovely comments Rhonda and Yvonne, thank you 🙂

  6. Margaret says:

    So beautifully and honestly written Meg. It brings tears to me eyes.

  7. naomi says:

    Beautiful poem. Thank you fro sharing it with us.

  8. joe c says:

    nice one, meg

  9. peggy says:

    sweet … deep … true …. beautiful … well done meg!  love it … thank you thank you thank you

  10. Sophie Elena says:

    Thank you Meg. I too have ‘plenty of books on shelves with somebody elses answers.’ and am enjoying learning to find and listen to my own from within and risking being vulnerable in sharing such outside of me; in so doing, embracing the insecurities I’ve so long refused to acknowledge through fear of dismissing myself as I felt so long had others dismissed me. Self-love is surely a circle – a beginning and an end and a continuum – maybe including Ian’s current focus on ‘fierce love’?As we perhaps more often read left to write in the West, do you and Ian ever alternate who appears on which side? I seem to always have Ian’s thoughts presented first. Your choice if deliberate, I shall endeavour to read in future in random order 🙂   

  11. Dawn B says:

    Meg-SO glad you shared this again!  Perfect reading for an early morning not being able to get back to sleep-Ready to take this day where ever it will take me…….. 

  12. Mitsy says:

    This is so touching and heartfelt, fondly made me remember my teens and my youth and life right now…because I never seem or perhaps don’t know how to give up my wide-eyed curiosity ….  

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