A Warm Good Morning Kiss.

April 10th, 2012


Twigs, sticks, grey and lifeless.
Pretending to be dead,
fooling me.
I’m easily fooled.

Sharp, brittle,
and ugly.
Yes, like the duckling.
You know the story.

ugly turns beautiful.
We all finally rejoice
because pretty is better.

But this isn’t a story
with a perfect ending.
It’s a perfect cycle
with no real ending.

So now we’re at pretty,
and winter is forgiven
as life gently wakes
with a warm good morning kiss.

Perched on a branch she watches
lifeless things in garden beds
burst into bud, colour spilling
out over the brown.

Cheerleaders line the streets
with their pom-pom blossoms.
And colourful parades throw confetti
while her naked feet dance.

There’s so much to see,
my eyes can’t keep up.
And deep within me
a sigh turns to song.

If I listen closely
to her warm inviting voice
she will gently remind me
of the words I already know.

So together we sing
after nights long rest
knowing this perfect moment
is just one before the next.

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  1. Bill Lawton says:

    Beautiful poetry and deep insights as ever Meg. Namaste (from margaret)

  2. Carol Shimp says:

    This is my favorite, thank you for sharing.   So together we sing
                                                                                              after nights long rest
                                                                                              knowing this perfect moment
                                                                                              is just one before the next.

  3. muriel says:

    Inspirational and thought provoking. I love the poetry

  4. Anonymous says:

    Words are to small,to inexact to paint the eternal cycle of the seasons & more importantly our spiritual consciousness and rebirth…a beautiful piece of poetry.

  5. Margaret says:

    Beautifully written and full of hope!

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