May 8th, 2012

He was curled up in my lap, back when he used to fit. An image that is difficult to bring forward as he now stands over 6foot. But yes, there was a time he fit snugly, like a perfect puzzle piece.

The afternoon was a particularly lazy one. No place to be, no plans made. So we sat, we thought, and we chatted, fitting together as we should. Mother and young son. Oh I guess it was probably for just 15 minutes of so, but in a mother’s memory it becomes hours. Hours of sitting, of being.

It was just the two of us back then, but only I knew his world would one day change. At 4 he didn’t know about change, at 4 this world was the only world. This lap of mine belonged to him and only him. My love- all his.

He shifted his weight, legs straddled either side, so he could see my face, feel my tummy.
“In here?” he questioned in a doubtful voice
“Yes” I answered, reassuring him of his new sibling’s presence, between us.
“What will it look like?” We had both wondered together.
“Oh I think a little bit of you, and a little bit of me”, we agreed.

At this he studied my face closely. He came right up to me, his breath tickling my nose.
“Well. I hope it has your eyes,” he finally said with certainty. We are now only inches apart.
“Why” I ask.
“Because I can see myself.”

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  1. Andie says:

    Love this! so precious brings back many memories…thank you.

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  3. Margaret says:

    How beautiful, so profound, so true. 

  4. Debra says:

    So so lovely.  I read this last evening before retiring and was blessed with a dream as a young mother with my baby in my arms.  Thank YOU!

  5. My son just turned 36 on Monday so this article is especially precious to me. It brought back my own memories when my son was still small enough to sit on my lap. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memory.

  6. Drew Dyer says:

    This is one of those memories that defines parenthood.  There’s nothing better in life than making a connection like this with your child.

  7. Mary says:

    Many Years ago I was told to cuddle the babies as much as possible because they will not want cuddled as they get older. That thought and the cuddles got me through many a disrupted night and I thank God for that piece of wisdom because it is so true.

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