The Dancer.

June 19th, 2012

Toe pointed toward the floor. Fingers soft, waiting.
She thinks nobody is watching.
She is wrong.
She thinks she is alone to just try, give it a go.
She is not.

I spy from the kitchen doorway, glancing up occasionally trying not to be seen.
The dial is turned louder, the music now bigger filling the room.
Her body understands the rhythm, has heard it before.
She leaps, twists, turns, jumps across her imagined stage.

I sneak a peek just in time to see the delight in her eyes as she hops on one foot then the other, no, not quite graciously, but, well, beautifully.

My eyes wont leave her. Her joy has mixed with the music, and melts it’s way into a mother’s heart,  a mother with jobs to do. Dinner to cook.

She sees me. The spell is broken.
She stops. The dancing, the safety, the freedom is finished.
Her stage is packed up and returns to being a family room with a pile of laundry to fold in one corner.

Oh no, what has this mother done. What can she do to fix the magic of the moment?

I push the lounge back out of the way and forget about dinner.
I grab my little teachers forgiving hand.
We may not eat tonight.
But we will dance!

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  1. Susan says:

    When my children were younger, we would occasionally get swept up with a piece of music. I kept rhythm instruments in the living room so we could grab them  and start playing, marching, dancing.  It’s so easy to forget that we do everything else (work, eat, sleep, etc) so we can LIVE & LOVE, so easy to think the necessary tasks are the priority. As I read somewhere else, being busy had become a status symbol; shouldn’t having time to PLAY be?

  2. Debra says:

    Oh my, really?  How do you ever do this AND eventually provide a dinner of sorts?  Love, love, love your expressions.

  3. The older 2 of my 3 are my musical ones. My son (the oldest) and I use to dance often. He absorbed my love of music. He learned to sing on key and in pitch by the time he was 3. Amazing how quickly he picked it up. My daughter is musical but not just with one thing. She taught herself piano by age 6, drums by 9 and flute by 12. She can make music with anything! My youngest is my artist. She has had her artwork displayed all over our city.  Each time I think, I need to do this or that, I remind myself they are only young and carefree for a short time and I should enjoy each second. We get silly.. we laugh..we challenge each other..and we love just as big. Dinners, laundry, running the sweeper, all that will get finished and we can do it together. 

  4. Roger Hoyt says:

    What?  No Dinner?  It’s called deliver right?

    lol, Yep, I know how it is to get carried away when playing with kids.  You start to play and before you know it it’s time to be leaving.   Second Cousins are a blast to play with.

  5. Gilly G. says:

    Truly beautiful! did you write that? Keep at it girlfriend!!! XXX G.

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