No Reason.

July 24th, 2012

There is no reason.
Not one.
You can’t tell me
To change
my mind.
I know what I know-
that this shit’s
Words stuck
in anger
at the futility
of it

Pointless, meaningless
avoidable pain.
Bought too easily
paid for pain.
There is only ever

Allowed, demanded.
Take that
take that
and that life,
all those lives
in your hands.
Take them, kill them
change them
Go on big man
with your bigger

Fears demanding
Fear controlling
you against me.
Fear wrapping its scared fingers
the trigger,
around our lives.
Crazy stupid fear-
Of what?

Don’t you know
We all cry?
There is no YOU
in death, in pain, in loss
in life.
In the end
we’re all
slumped over
a dead body.

A mother cries a father sobs.
Pain ricochets
like bullets
making holes
hitting strangers.
Shards scaring,
lodging in hearts.
You got us

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  1. Keya says:

    Absolutely horrible what happened.  When will we wake up to realize that we are all one?  That what I do to you I also do to myself.  This man did indeed flip out. but we as a society created him.  Just as we (collectively) created any other person who commits such acts.  Someone (us) taught this guy that he was what he accomplished. That he was what he acquired. That he had no or very little value if he did not accomplish and failed to acquire. We have taught these things to our children. WE are seeing the results of teaching our children to look out for themselves instead of recognizing their oneness with all of life. We are seeing the results of NOT teaching our children that they are SO incredibly valuable just because they exist not because of what they have or get.    I’m so deeply saddened by this shooting. But in some ways feel so completely powerless about it.

  2. Meg says:

    Thank you for expressing this so clearly Keya, I appreciate your comments. 


  3. Joy says:

    Powerful, thank you for opening your space to this conversation.
    I don’t listen to the news…but I couldn’t help but hear the stories around this.  I feel incredibly sad…I am raising my children to believe in infinite possibility and the power of presence…yet reality is an experience such as this one.  And, I believe that what I see strongly in another is a reflection of me, so although mine is a peace-building existence, I cannot help but turn it inward and wonder where have I hurt someone, caught them off guard unexpectedly causing pain/perhaps temporary death of spirit…and moving forward how much more cognizant and aware I will be of my thoughts and actions…
    I am an adventurer by nature, but I am temporarily too afraid to take my children to the movies.  And, that makes me sad, as well.

  4. Susan says:

    WOW, Meg. So well said. Stanza 5 is esp. poignant.

  5. Elaine says:

    Well done, Meg.  Thanks.

  6. Robert says:

    It scares me to think that I am part of a species that created this. It demonstrates the width and breath of evil, it’s why we think there is such a thing as evil. I see spirits moving in the background like computer programs controlling our behavior. I think we are at the brink, the tipping point, 2012, insanity. Everything has an opposite and it will take an equal act of love to heal. You can see the love in the world as condolences and offers of help come from all over the world. How many childred died in Syria in the same amount of time?

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