November 27th, 2012

Bit different? Speak with a lisp, or like to read?
Long nose, big lips, small ears,
weird name, wrong shoes, no dad,
no fun, too serious, too dumb,
too tall, too short
too, too, too-
just too something.
There is always
too loud, too popular,
too shy too,
too healthy.

Can you sing? Shut it.
Run fast, row fast, swim fast? Slow down.
Create? Destroy.
Make a difference? Forget it.
Sensitive? Toughen up,
you must be gay.

Keep your head down,
and smile, but not too much.
Be fun, but not a clown
Stand up, but not too tall.
Fake it-make it
Don’t be a try hard.
Try quiet

Quietly in your room
In tears
with the door shut
shut to the world
shut to the bullies
shut to yourself
all day

That part that hurts-
the part you’ve kept
now splinters, shatters and
into a thousand sharp pieces.
Jagged and dangerous.
Pieces that can cut,
and hurt
with just a swipe
or a lashing out.

You stare at yourself
all smashed apart
a mess,
a scary
slumped on the floor
through teary eyes
you see yourself
like never before.
In pieces
sharp vivid and distinct,
reflecting your eyes, your life
your heart.
You see pain, but more –
The light, the strength,
your heart wide open
right there
in beautiful unique patterns
Your pain,
arranging the pieces in ways
that only you
could create.
a jagged
and magnificent
And then you know
there is no “too” anything.
There is only

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  1. Please subscribe us to this interesting forum. Thanks, Rich Miner, York, UK.

  2. Barb Markway says:

    Powerful and beautiful!

  3. Christina says:

    Thank you Meg.  Moving and beautiful, full of compassion and hope. xx

  4. Camille says:

    Wow!!! I wish I could truly understand this in my own life so I can convey it to my children.

  5. Lisa says:

    You learn it as you get older.  As you live it. As you crash and burn due to it.  I wish I had seen and/or heard this message while I was a scared, lonely, young girl.  

  6. marty says:

    This made me cry… it took me 30 long years to figure it out… 30 years, having my back slashed with broken bottles, 3 suicidal attempts, homelessness, clinical depression… blah blah blah… and now I am the happiest I have ever been… only because I know that I do not have to be ‘too’ anything, that there is only me…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Marty- thanks for sharing with us- and I am so glad you have found this peace.  ~ meg.

  8. Devi Abideen says:

    Absolutely Beautiful……

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