A Sticky Situation

March 25th, 2013

blog- trafficThere it was, right in front of us in the traffic. We were trapped-
No way round it,
we just had to sit behind it.
Stare at it
and then have a great big whopping detailed conversation
that I didn’t particularly want
on the drive to school that morning.
the bumper sticker said-
“Abortion. Big people killing little people”
Her 10 yr old questions went something like this –
What’s abortion? Why would anyone have an abortion?
What is rape? Why would anyone want to rape?
Straight forward and to the point.
Her typical style.
A pause between each,
perhaps dismissing my answers for their misshapen size,
too big
for her world.
Tough questions
and tough answers.
That red light trapped us for eternity
behind those words.
That car
with all it’s clear and precise, cut and dried answers in life,
forcing me into a dark conversation
without asking if I was ready.
I wanted to jump out of my car,
tap on their window and say
“let me in…….
let me into your black and white world
for just a day.
I need to rest, take a breather and hide
from my daughter’s
But I remained seated in my car,
and stole glances
through the thick layers of unanswerable questions
to see my daughter’s
blank face.
Her face now smudged
by life’s grey hand.
She looked out the window to create some space.
To breathe the air out there
as ours was now stale.
Her mind wandered off,
away from harm,
from rights and wrongs
and the ugly
It would be nice.
To have it life all figured out-
and then plaster it to your car.
To drive around in it, to preach it.
And to stick it.

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  1. Susy Gaffney says:

    Good reason not to clutter my vehicle with bumper stickers. . . .

  2. John Pearce says:

    Sounds like life. Full of surprise, sadness, hope, wisdom, and all that love parents give.Life’s in that space between tolerance, and conviction. Does anyone find a comfortable balance?  

  3. Heather Washburn says:

    Where did the talk of rape come from?Why not just say there’s angry people who think abortion is wrong and angry people who think the mother is the only one who can choose and everybody has to decide for themself and not tread on other people’s decisions that they have made for themselves?That governments guard some choices, eg murder, theft, tax evasion, etc are wrong. But other choices are not so clear cut, are personal choices.That there’s lots of angry grownups who think they are smart enough to decide for themselves, but don’t extend that courtesy to others, and they get really angry when governments don’t listen to them.The real issue is the individual’s god-given right to choose, whether to make room for an unexpected pregnancy or not, or what university to go to or what clothes to wear that morning. Kids are living today in a world of tough choices. THOSE are the muscles they need to work on, starting from early times. And it’s so so hard for mums and dads to help a child navigate these waters.Respectfully, Heather

  4. Jim Skinner says:

    I have though numerous times about having a pithy rebuttal sticker printed that I could slap on the back of their car.  Maybe just a blank one would be best…

  5. Lisa Hertz says:

    Well written!  I love the last three lines.  Profound.

  6. MissBellers says:

    Wonderfully written. Can’t imagine that was an easy conversation to have when you wouldn’t have prepped for it! 

  7. yuvy says:

    Great piece.I loved the last part especially!

  8. Mark says:

    The value of the unborn life is often seen through the lens of our inconvenience. Not the through the lens of opportunity or miracle of potential.

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