The Disconnect

April 2nd, 2013

blog-busI go through my day pretty much convinced I’m in my 20’s.
I am not.

It appears my mind seems a little stubborn,
hiding in timeless fantasies,
too busy frolicking in fountains of eternal youth,
to remember what year it actually is.
My body thinks this is an odd thing for my mind to think,
you know- based on all the evidence.
Bowel movements and stiff knees
are not the conversations of 20 year olds.
Nor are sentences that being with “remember when…”
or “kids these days….”

Until today.
Today I rode a bus.
A 3 hour bus with 13 year olds.
And now I feel 80.
13yr olds behind me sang “I have passion in my pants”-
with passion. A lot of passion.
Uncomfortable clumsy passion.
Others in front were taking 600 million gazzilion photos
of their screwed up faces.
There were more ipads, ipods and iphones
(and other ithings I cannot even pretend to know anything about)
On that bus than a mac store.

I practically broke a hip trying to leap over the generation gap.

I heard no 3 part harmonies of “A total eclipse of the heart”,
and not one single kid mooned the car behind.
Kids these days just aren’t what they used to be.
Nope- kids these days,
are the kids of those that used to be.
I made it home.
In more than one piece.
My head now in my mid 80’s,
my body heading in that general direction,
while my heart was right where it should be,
eternally grateful for never needing to be 13 again.

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  1. Nadine says:

    1985When it was good to be aliveListening to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie TylerOn the radio, on the cassette, on the turntable–in vinyl When it was good to be a kidWatching the Cosby Show on old Magnavox floor model in the family room, in the summertime, in pink pyjamas-on the couch. 

  2. Jack Grabon says:

    That’s exactly how our parents felt about us – LOL!  I wouldn’t be so sure about never being 13 again. If there’s truth to reincarnation, then we will all be 13 many more times!  Hopefully we can bring the wisdom of the 80 year old to that life.

  3. Julie Burton says:

    Great post! I can completely relate! It is such a different world for these kids, especially with all of their hand-held devices, which makes me wonder if our kids will completely lose sight of the importance of speaking to each other in person. My younger son is 11, and is one of two of all of his friends who does not own a cell phone (and most of them have smart phones). He is devastated because he says that on the bus, no one talks to each other because they are on their phones. Therefore, he is “isolated” on a crowded bus with his buddies because he isn’t staring at a screen, playing games, or texting the person sitting in the row in front of him. Yes, this is a different world we live in! I love that I will be able to readily communicate with my oldest daughter who goes off to college next year, but I don’t like that my 11-year-old MUST have a cell phone, and that a few of my 8-year-old daughter’s friends have them too!Song lyrics: A far cry from Bonnie Tyler!Aside from  all of  this, I like to tell myself that I am 20 every day too :)!

  4. janet carter says:

    Awesome.  Absolutely true.  I loved it. I am going to recommend others to it on my blog.

  5. Bonnie says:

    As a former teacher of 13 year olds and a mom to two teenage boys, I LOVED that post!  I think you should make a Pinterest pin of your quote, “I almost broke a hip…”  If you do, I promise I’ll pin it!  🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    I really love your blog!!! 

  7. Lindy says:

    Awesome! Rad! Tubular!I’m definitely stuck in a self-delusion of perpetual youth. Thank you for the reminder that I need to return to reality! *sniff*Lindy

  8. lyn barden says:

    I have grandkids that age! It can be so challenging. Thank goodness they still like to eat, despite all the technology. Food seems to bridge the gap. Have you baked any muffins today Nanna?? 

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