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She leads me to the top of the headland,
to the highest point.
If we just go over this way you will see it
she urges.
What? I ask. See what?
All of life,
she answers, hurrying me along.
Come on come on!
So I do, hurry-
for how can I possibly miss all of life?
I would kick myself.

I do my best,
pushing myself to scramble up after her,
through tufts of dewy grass.
But my knees buckle, my heart races
and gasping for breath I beg
wait, slow down just bit! Please?
No- she yells back to me, it’s impossible to slow down.
Her legs race at full speed,
her hair blows in the salty sea air.
Don’t you get it?
Life can’t wait!

She stands alone at the top
as I puff and pant my way up
gazing about for a frantic minute
then races back towards me.
Quick, quick she screams
and sprints off again without me.
She does this another 3 times
until I finally make it.
Her face beams bright
as I join her at the top.

See? Look over there she nods.
And I look.
Turn around here and see this too.
So I turn
She runs off again, I walk after her.
She stops, starts, and dances about.
Thrill, excitement and absolute delight
pulse throughout her body.

See? She she yells again on the top of her lungs
Life- the whole shebang- right there!
I look
and yes I do see.
An endless ocean, heaving heavy sighs,
while white tipped waves race towards
a shoreline broken by blackened rocks.
A river twists behind gathered trees,
below bright green hills dotted with cows
simply minding their own business.
Grey clouds rumble reminders of a coming storm
as white seagulls make their escape across a charcoal sky.
Morning kayakers, a sweaty jogger,
cyclists stopping for coffee and parents rushing kids to school-
yes, I see it all.

I take a moment to consider
the scope, the width and breadth.
I breathe it in, the whole of life,
a lesson, a gift an awakening.
But she doesn’t care. She’s moved on already.
Hey you- she barks at me excitedly
getting up in my face,
running circles around my knees,
jumping to get my attention.
Wet paws leave zig-zag clues of where she’s been.
Come quickly, you’re just not going to believe this!
Look, look – she yells from halfway down the hill,
Can you see it?

And again I do.
I notice more, a whole lot more than mountains and rivers,
and lazy cows with nowhere to be.
The promised rain pats my back
slaps my cheeks,
and urges me to wake up – wake up!
For in this moment,
on a stormy headland,
a wet dog as my guide,
I realise what was, what is, and what can possibly be.
I know what I want, and all that I have.
And yes, I can see clearly now-
that there’s even more to this vast life,
just down the other side.


My passionate guide- Millie.

blog- walking with millie

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  1. pkbjjj says:

    BEAUTIFUL, Meg!!  Thank you … captured the “doggie enthusiasm” so well.    <3 

  2. M. Catlett says:

    This gave me chills and a big goofy grin.   It immediately inspires me to grab the dogs and head on outside.  In other words, this rocks.  Thank you! 😀

  3. Sue Emeleus says:

    Do you ever wonder how those birds keep in their patterns without having a conductor out in front? Or the school of 1000 fish who suddenly all turn at once and go in a different direction. No conductor there either. Morphic resonance? I wonder. 

  4. kathie says:

    beautiful words….both you and your husband write pieces that are IMMENSELY enjoyable to read!  thank you so much!  now i’m feeling inspired to take my big floppy dog out on a rainy walk today! 🙂

  5. Gale says:

    “She”.  I was thinking  devilish sprite desiring to confound me.  Do I run and swirl in every direction as she bids?  Since she ran with abandon would she mock me for following her with some ill fate?  The vista was already there but  when Millie became apparent , the energy in finding it was  suddenly gifted with the view from my precipice.  Her relational pull to it, her worldview, her need to enjoy the elements and now to share them.  Its my nature to fear that I’ve missed some existential point, but its 3:30am, my Golden, Mellon, is on the floor beside me, ‘m feeling joy and I haven’t even gotten out of bed.   Thank You Meg.

  6. suzi says:

    What a beautiful piece!!  Millie has a purpose in Australia!  Giving and receiving….  love to you, Meggie!

  7. suzi says:

    oh, yes….  I love the “song” title!! 

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  9. Margaret says:

    You have written into your morning walk all the passion, the thrill, the involvement, the inspiration, the wonder, the joy, and the possibilities in opening our eyes to the wonder of life in the ordinariness of a day. An inspiration to me Meg.

  10. Erwin says:

    My consciousness is expended this morning. Thank you Meg. A very small typo changes my meaning greatly, “expanded” rather than “expended”.

  11. Joan cook says:

    As Linda B would say,…Flinkinfabbydabulous!

  12. connie f. says:

    Thank you , dear Meg. Its just as I dreamed it would be, go precious Millie, Go!!!be gone naysayers!!!connie     

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