Two Dollars Worth of Change.

April 28th, 2014

blog- $2 worth

He is rather extraordinary, and not just for his good looks and charm. There is so much more beneath his sweet exterior. In meeting him you will find a wonderfully polite and interested conversationalist. He will smile, nod and delight the socks off just about anyone. Company well worth keeping.

For some unidentified reason there are others who do not appreciate the quality of a good conversation and believe sporting prowess and knockabout antics trump communication skills. They make their priorities known and find every opportunity to laugh, criticize and put down anyone unlike themselves. One seems to enjoy this activity more than most.

This particular one gets on the school bus each morning with blood shot eyes. A morning of crying perhaps, arguing? One can only guess how his day begins. He arrives at school to take it all out on anyone around him. The extraordinary one is around him. He keeps his head down, avoids eye contact, but nevertheless they meet; in maths, in the playground, on the school bus. It’s just a game to one, but survival for the other. It continues for weeks.

One particular afternoon the game player forgets his bus-pass. An easy thing to do. Kids and their stuff part ways frequently. But without a pass, he has to pay. He has no money, which means he had no way to get back home- to who knows what. A look of worry and perhaps even terror cross his face as he considers his limited options and frightening consequences. An unforgiving bus driver waits. The rest of the kids on the bus wait. The extraordinary boy digs into his pocket and courageously hands him the required $2.  It is accepted with a grunt that passes as a thank you. A fleeting moment of connection, $2 worth of change.


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  1. Absolutely brilliant Meg … makes my heart expand!

  2. Joan says:

    A great message, Meg.  Well written.

  3. Patti says:

    <3….connects with me.  Well done. 

  4. Bernadette says:

    Beautiful writing, Meg! Your compassion, clarity and focus shine through.(When are you going to update your picture?)

  5. Margaret says:

    The beauty of the one handing over 2 dollars may never be noticed by the greedy of this world, nor the bullies, nor the greedy. But his compassion and maturity will make a significant mark among all those in his world. What a lovely soul he has! 

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