America, I’ve got nothing……I can’t even……I am so sorry for your loss.

There was such hope on election day- my news feed was full of smiling, strong kind hearted people showing the world their ‘I voted’ stickers. I clearly have a one- eyed news feed- which is fine with me. 

It’s absolutely frightening, and a real threat to the lives of so many. I’ve got nothing to offer than my continual belief in strong, compassionate and courageous people to keep making positive changes where you can.

May each new day shine light on your hopes and not your fears. And for the love of God- hold on tight while that pendulum swings you all into a world of crazy…….because we know you’re going to come flying back into a kinder place eventually, because, you know – physics and shit. And by then, the world may be ready for a Bernie.

It’s ok to dwell in all the what ifs, the fear and despair for a while, like really sit in the dark black stink hole and scare the shit out of yourself with every possible worst outcome – but there has to come a point (different times for different people) when you clamber back out and imagine a different picture, one where goodness triumphs – but in your own time and in your own way…..it just needs to be on the map.

I put my money on the American people rising up and becoming the best versions of themselves.

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