August 5th, 2012

You can’t change what happened in the past. It’s all water under the bridge flowing in a sea of memory. You can build a bridge in your mind, from memory to meaning. Choose how much power you give the past, and what you make it mean about who you are. From this perspective, the view is spectacular.

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  1. naomi says:

    I like the idea of choosing how much power you bring from the past. I think we can get too absorbed in what has been ratehr thna focus on what may be.

  2. Pauline says:

    It is sad how much of our power we give away–we let people, our jobs, and our pasts make us feel weak, when really we  choose to let it happen. Thanks for the daily reminders that I’m in control of my present!

  3. Israel says:

    This thought it does really applies to my life.. .. situation the I’m facing .. Thanks so much..!!

  4. I made a past habit of doing this and it wasn’t until I let go of what was done and gone that I started to feel at peace. Hurt anger hate, all these things get us no where. We actually cannot move forward with this baggage.  So you’re right I choose power and I choose love too. 

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