June 7th, 2012

Overcoming loss is like living near a waterfall. At first the sound is deafening, and relentless. Then hours pass without the sadness pounding through your head. Slowly the noise subsides as you realize that grief is ONE of your emotions, but grief doesn’t own you. It’s always there, but tears carve new hope out of the rock face of experience.

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  1. Beautifully said!

  2. emma says:

    so true in love and light our lifes flow on 🙂

  3. Virginia Urbach says:

    Yes, grief is relentless, yet in time it’s like the ebb and flow of the water on the beach. Love will always be ebbing and flowing forever.

  4. Anjana says:

    So true – just lost my mother-in-law recently – 3rd Oct  –  and I can so relate to this
    thank you

  5. Israel says:

    Living the process of that.. that’s exactly what I was looking for.. kind words to start all over again…

  6. Eric says:

    This is so absolutely true. I lost my 57 year old sister on March 26, 2012, two days after a head injury. The process of initially going through the intense deafening and then realizing that this is my grief  as God led me through this strong for my 84 yr old mother.  As time has gone by these past 10 months, my crying is mixed together  as my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in August. God then enabled to place my grief for the loss of my sister take a emotional back seat for a period of time to be my mom’s caregiver.  She is weak from radiation, but now I cry for the loss of my 
    only sibling!

    God bless,

  7. Jamie says:

    That was so eloquently said. I lost my father last year to cancer and have been going through a process of coping. I am now understanding acceptance  and embracing my emotions. Thanks so much for your healing words <3

  8. shereen says:

    tears, memories,,,,, the far in time it becomes the more you feel the sadness, and the regret are mounting,,,, to let you know that what you missed will never come back.

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