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A few girlfriends and I have recently started scheduled lunches together. It is a time for us to get together to talk, laugh, connect, vent, and eat!! We are able to communicate about new loves, work issues, life transitions, and anything else that may come up in our lives. Our lunches are a space of support and ease, a space where we can be ourselves and let it all go. Most importantly, it is a male-free, girls-only time for us throughout our busy lives.

As I have thought about these cherished lunches, I have been thinking about how absolutely necessary it is for women to make time to come together, away from male influence. I have always found it interesting to watch the way that women seem to interact with one another. In my experience, women from a very young age can be competitive, unsupportive, and jealous of one another. It’s as though we treat each other as a possible threat, someone who can harm us or bring us down. This has always shocked me and truly made me curious as to why we would behave this way toward one another. Is it because of male presence, a history of being hurt by another woman, or have we simply bought into a false story told to us early on?

Women are such amazing and powerful individual beings, and when willing to come together, are unstoppable.

If you have ever been in a room full of women, you know that there is a palpable energy that arises quickly full of strength, creativity, and determination. When we support one another it seems as though no problem is to big to overcome and in a sense, we truly can move mountains. I have girlfriends who are a source of strength. They provide me with perspective, inspiration, and motivation. They are ready to help when needed and give of themselves, as well as their resources. It feels so amazing when I am able to assist a girlfriend by sharing of me, my research, or my own work. They are valued allies and co-creators.

I wonder how much more we could all accomplish if women as a whole were willing to come together in support of one another. To unite and build each other up, pooling resources, lending a helping hand, and supporting one another. If we were able to find a way to trust one another and understand that we do not have to create this false story of competition and mistrust. We have so much to offer, so much to share and there is much to be accomplished in our world.

Join me in melting down any false or imagined walls you may have built up throughout your life.

I am sure many of us, me included, have experienced at least one situation with another woman that has left us feeling hurt or scared. Maybe we were disappointed, betrayed, or abandoned. Maybe we simply learned not to trust or to guard ourselves. Whatever your story is, it is time now to create a new one. Time to find ways to come together and unite into the powerful community that we truly have the potential to be. Let’s create the story of an imprint in time where the universe shifted in a positive direction because women came together in love, support, and connection. It’s all up to us…..


Jennifer Laurent is an author who writes about life, motherhood and optimism. You can connect with her at her site (, and Facebook page (

Jennifer’s book, Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom. was released in 2012. Read more and purchase here.



  1. Suhair Mudallal says:

    Thank you jennifer I liked the subject and I do believe  that everything in this world is able to be better and Yes not without us women together we can do the best, my 4 daughters liked it too.

  2. Suhair I am so happy that you and your daughters enjoyed this. As we come together I believe that we can heal the world! I celebrate you!

  3. Check out this amazing organization! It’s everything you’re talking about. :)

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