ionaPilgrimage… it’s a very interesting word. By definition pilgrimage means:

1. A journey to a sacred place or shrine.

2. A long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance.

I am going to Iona, Scotland, mid-May, to experience the gift of looking inward and to take a deeper look into my current journey in this life.

It’s something I am doing solely for myself. I have wanted to embark on a pilgrimage for a very long time. It’s only in recent years that I realize that focusing on myself, from a perspective of purpose and soulfulness, that I truly positively impact those around me.

I am blessed to already know that my path in my life is one that resonates with my soul. I love what I do. I help people and organizations see things in a different light that allows them to make changes that positively impact their personal and professional life. The method I use to do this is efficiency. I teach people to examine and look deeper into what it is they do and to ask themselves the hard questions of why they work the way they do. Can things be done better that will make things easier for themselves, their colleagues, their company and most importantly their customer? I truly believe that work doesn’t have to be a chore and that it can have purpose and be joyful. It’s because of my beliefs and my desire to share this philosophy with others that I chose to share my journey with you.

Finding your purpose and translating it to your work is amazing. Living in integrity, honouring your soul’s desires, living your values, following your passion is an amazing gift you give yourself and to those around you. By understand who you are, what’s your purpose, feeling grounded and trusting in your path allows for a positive energy force to impact who you are and what you do, both at home and work.

I have no judgement or expectations regarding my pilgrimage. I excitedly wait for it with open arms. In my work I live in the world of tomorrow, always planning and preparing for client projects and my company needs. The work I do is somewhat of a pilgrimage for my clients. They’re embarking on change, seeking new perspective and going into unchartered waters not knowing what to expect. I’m always asking my clients if they’re ready for change. On this pilgrimage, I’ll be asking myself this same question and the answer’s yes. Change is the only thing we can count on. Change is glorious and should not be feared. What will happen on my pilgrimage? I don’t know. Will I be the same? I hope not. What I do know is that I will be giving myself a gift of inward reflection. I honour this opportunity. I hope that by sharing with you the journey I’m embarking on, my experience can provide you insight into your purpose and needs both personally and professionally.

I look forward and honour the opportunity of sharing with you my thoughts, experiences and pictures of my pilgrimage. If you are intrigued and interested in what I am about to embark on, please follow my experience on twitter @AdrianaGirdler #pilgrimage and on my company Facebook page, CornerStone Dynamics Inc.

The world is a wonderful place filled with amazing wonders and experiences. I feel blessed to be able to give it further examination.

Until next time…in the traditional words to those leaving on a pilgrimage…Be safe and well, peace, love and courage.

Adriana Girdler


Adriana Girdler is the President of CornerStone Dynamics Inc and an expert in business efficiency, helping leading corporations streamline internal processes to work smarter and improve productivity. Learn more about Adriana Girdler.

  1. I hope you enjoyed my article and trust that by sharing my journey it may inspire you to look inward to yourself and find the joy within your life.Thank you Soulseeds for posting my article. I am truly grateful.♥ Adriana 

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