As a child I remember my intentions were simple but clear. Life itself brought me joy, from noticing a firefly to looking up at the sky. My intense curiousity led me to unlimited depths of my imagination. The world was limitless.

When I started school, I noticed there were rules and regulations. At first I despised it, kicking and screaming as my mom dragged me to kindergarten class. When I realized I didn’t have a choice, I conformed. Though I excelled in my early years, my enthusiasm slowly waned.

I experienced intense pain inflicted upon me by my classmates. It was a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual destruction. I didn’t understand why some of the kids were so cruel to me. There were even some adults who let the cruelty play out, even participated. I was quiet but only wanted to be loved. I did not understand how to fit in the social circles. A soft shell formed around me. The shell strengthened with age, adding layers that suited each situation. It shielded the spirit within, but also hid it from the world.

I turned to art to express myself growing up. It was an escape from reality. Though I had beautiful moments of creativity, the suppressed child within longed for something more.

RAW: Revealing Am-ness Within was written in an effort to help everyone recognize the forms of suppression that attempts to crush the pure self. RAW is a quest to become more consciously aware of the heavy burdens of fear and relinquish it once and for all. Once there is freedom, truth will emanate. The power to complete the journey will arise and help others that require assistance.

The universe is within all of us, has always been, and always will be.

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