Seed of Connection

February 1st, 2010

We are all connected. Live and love fully and joyfully. Give without needing to receive, act without needing praise, encourage without needing a response. Give kindness wastefully because there is no difference between giving and receiving when people are truly connected.

Do something like: Sweep someone’s front porch while they are out.
  1. Beth Black says:

    Author Mark Ortman says, “One of the mot difficult things to give away is kindness for it is usually returned.”
    I decided to put my work aside one afternoon and invite the 8-year old girl who lives next door over to bake brownies–from scratch!  With her house full of boys, I know she enjoyed the chance to get away from so much testosterone and “girl talk”.   And we both enjoyed licking the bowl…and then eating hot brownies with a glass of milk.  And I got a big hug.  As much as she enjoyed our time together… I was certainly the one who benefited from taking time to connect with a precious little being who lives right next door!

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