Seed of Encouragement

February 1st, 2010

Perform random acts of cyber kindness. Everyone needs the encouragement and inspiration you have to offer. Give it freely and anonymously, and others will view the world as a kinder place. Pretty soon your kindness will go viral.

Do something like: Send inspiring emails out of an unidentified email account. Leave an encouraging note on a stranger’s blog.

  1. Vickie Clock says:

    I teach World Literature and we just finished Oedipus Rex: my students were then assigned a Causal Essay to explain how the tragedy of  Oedipus occurred. Was it Fate or Free Will? The idea of “it was meant to be” has always bothered me in that it seemed to take personal choice and control out of life’s equation. I like how Ian has rephrased the idea in today’s SEED of FREE WILL to include personal control and decision making. Thanks, Ian. You’re always reinterpreting things so that they make sense to me! Like “God” is the perfect infinitive or “to be” – the Greek translation was it? :)

  2. Deepti says:

    Hey! I liked the Seed Of Urgency very much!! It’s very useful!! And I like its Facebook page ‘n follow it on Twitter. Many more thoughts’re inspiring!! Thanks!!

  3. David Snell says:

    Beautiful ide, seeds of kindness and encouragement are great things especially when they truly come from the heart & soul.

  4. Stephanie Barko says:

    In 2005, I started a spiritual book group in my end of town when I quit going to church, thinking there must be others nearby who were missing the community but not the politics of church.  It is now 2012.  The group is still going.  The people who come to the group can’t get enough of one another and there’s always someone new coming in.  Almost no one in the group goes to church and they are all delightfully spiritual and kind human beings who can’t wait to connect with one another every month. 

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