Seed of Gentleness

February 1st, 2010

You are one of the ways the world experiences kindness. You are a soul seed. So take the initiative for kindness in the world. You are a reminder to the world to be a more gracious and gentle place. Find a new way to show kindness today.

Do something like: Donate books you’ve already read to school libraries.

  1. Keith Laidler says:

    The Seed of Gratitude was just what I needed to ‘hear’ this morning. The mystery of life patterns has me going sometimes. How one thing leads to another…the downs and ups chasing each other across the years. Who I am today is the result of…not what has happened to me, but how I’ve responded to the happenings. The ‘attitude of gratitude’ is the foundation upon which is built the most meaningful existence possible. And so I affirm today’s seed thought, to be thankful for all of the past, the present and for what is ahead.  

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