Seed of Grace

February 1st, 2010

Today is a great day to give something valuable away. Give a compliment. Give blood. Give a beaming smile that stops someone in their tracks. Give a gift for no particular reason. Give freely and feel your own wealth multiplying with each gift. You are becoming fuller and more fulfilled with each act of kindness.

Do something like: Write “Thank You (use the name of the server) on the bill.

  1. Janet King says:

    I chose Lavender, Yellow Rose, and Giant Daisies arranging them in a small vase and placed them on the breakfast table… She didn’t see them, the lady, until later that day, when she told me how much they’d made her smile.  They were the only flowers received since coming out of hospital.  People need to know that someone cares and flowers speak volumes in purity and light.

  2. Bridget says:

    Back in 2006/2007. I lost family members back to back. My Brother, Mom, Niece and then Stepdad. All lost at different times for various reasons and all within 1.5 years. Was a hard time to say the the least but out of that darkness blossomed something really good and powerful inside me. I’m sure it lived in me before, however, after going through what i went through it was as if a large fire began to roar. It was a total and complete appreciation for life, for happiness, for joy … etc. It’s hard to explain. Anyway. Now I feel I have a secret to share and gift to give that I pass on to anyone who will listen. I somehow stumbled upon the beauty and secret to life, and others should know it! I’ve even started a small blog called Think the Good Thoughts to share my message!

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