Seed of Kindness

February 1st, 2010

Decide to use some energy today to increase kindness in the world. Do what you can in whatever situations you are in to add kindness to the lives of those around you today. End the day in no doubt that you have done what you could, where you could, to make a difference.

Do something like: Put money in someone’s parking meter.
  1. Kai Wen says:

    This is cool.  I will have to save this site to my bookmarks.
    Kai Wen

  2. Keith Laidler says:

    The ice breaker for the small group I joined for the Advent season ( a few years ago), was to introduce yourself with a virtue you believe you possess and that begins with the same letter as your name. My turn was 7th out of 10 people so I had time to think. Nothing had formed before number 6 finished, so I opened my mouth and out came, ‘Kind Keith.’  My inner self believed it and I let it out.  So struck was I by how that changed me, I began occasionally to assign virtues to others in my acquaintance.  Sometimes it came out ‘intuitively’ when meeting someone for the first time.  Very often that simple naming practice changes the very air around us.   

  3. Brenda Bomgardner says:

    I love it. What a great idea for an ice breaker as well as a good way to remember names. A virtue is in the eye of the holder.

    Warmly,”Bold” Brenda


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