Seed of Service

February 1st, 2010

Go the extra mile in making someone feel loved today. Take someone’s mail from the mail box to their front door. When your food arrives at a restaurant stand up and help the waiter serve the table. The waiter will be surprised, the rest of the table will get a kick out of it, and you will feel great.

Do something like: Write a note of encouragement, pick a flower or draw a smiley face and leave it on someone’s windscreen.
  1. Alicia Moody says:

    My seed of service began in 1991 when I lost my mom at home to breast cancer.  Caring for a terminally ill loved one is by far one of the most challenging events that can happen in your life.  It was my duty as a child to give back all that was given to me and then some.  I encourage those are having the difficulty of dealing with loved ones who are ill or seem to have become a burden, remember everyone needs someone and it’s always a blessing to bless somebody else!

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