Seed of Urgency

February 1st, 2010

What are you waiting for? If you store up your treasures in barns, you could miss your chance to enjoy them. Apply the same principle to much larger things than money – like kindness or praise. If you store up kindness or encouragement for some future time, you just might miss your chance to express them. Don’t delay. Express something you have been meaning to say. Do it today.

Do something like: Ask a waiter to tell the chef your meal was outstanding.
  1. Tessa says:

    Thank my sister and my brother cause I  have been jobless for 2 years and They have shared everything with my son and I for all this time. Thank God.

  2. talia mazor says:

    I am creating a celebration of friendship, love, and life in my back garden. A tea party, with green all around. Amongst the flowers and sun shine, the fairies will sprinkle their magic dust onto everyone who special to me. With peace and acceptance, the winter’s end creates a new space for love to blossom. 

  3. Angelina Katherine says:

    At the airport as I was in baggage waiting for my luggage, I made all attempts to help ladies travelling alone with retrieving their bags off of the carousel. It only took a moment, and the ladies were very appreciative. Perhaps I inspired a few of the by-standing gentlemen into offering assistance as well. 

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