Welcome to the Soulseeds resource page. Plant possibilities and seed the change in your life today.

Soulseeds offers affirmations, resources and community to all people, of all faiths and no faith. With our enormous range of services and merchandise, there is sure to be something here to enrich your journey. Here you will find examples of seeds and below are some of our most popular products.

Affirmation Subscription

Select from five categories (Wellness, Parenting, Recovery, Spiritual but not Religious and Inclusive Christian) and you will receive an inspirational message and positive affirmation each weekday in your  inbox or as a text message. Grow by journaling in your own private and customized space called the Sowers Garden. Be inspired by the seed archives stored in your sowers garden for ongoing inspiration and continued growth.

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Affirmation E-Packets

While the affirmation subscriptions are for general inspiration, the E-Packets offer encouragement to you during a specific time in your journey. Select from a wide variety of practical and life affirming topics including Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Divorce Recovery and Gratitude. A packet contains 20 inspirational messages and positive affirmations that will be delivered to you each weekday by email or text message for 4 weeks. There is a packet here for everyone and every life situation.

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E-Retreats/Online Courses

While the Subscriptions and E-Packets include short life affirming messages, the e-retreats take you into deeper aspects of your specific journey through practical tips and affirmations. E-courses are provided each weekday for 4 weeks by email. The Mindful Pregnancy Subscription is provided to you each week through your or a loved ones pregnancy. Journal during the retreat to cultivate peace in your life. Select from a variety of retreats that have been customized for the Soulseeds community!

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