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Ian Lawton is a teacher of inner wisdom, divine love, deeper consciousness, oneness, peace, and abundance. He has been inspiring people around the world for over 20 years as an author and speaker. He lectures internationally on contemporary spirituality, and living your FULL potential as a person. Ian has written hundreds of articles on issues such as inner peace and personal responsibility. Ian’s network has grown in leaps and bounds, with over 130.000 in his Twitter network and over 45,000 in his Facebook network.

Ian is both an outstanding public speaker and excellent writer. He uses humor, practical examples and a sincere style whether he is using spoken or written form. If you would like to make inquiries about booking Ian for speaking engagements or writing for your organization, please use the contact form below.

A Little About Ian

Ian originates from Australia, where he worked on Sydney’s inner city streets and saw the reality of human suffering first hand. In 2004, Bishop John Shelby Spong convinced Ian to move to the United States to lead a progressive community in West Michigan. In 2013, Ian moved home with his wife Meg and two of their children (leaving one in College in the US) to settle on the coast, south of Sydney.

Ian has studied with Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi and other leaders in conscious change management and contemporary spirituality, as well as reading Wheatley, Senge, Scharmer, Jung, Campbell and Erickson for all their broad perspectives on change and growth.

Praise for Ian Lawton

“Ian Lawton leads us beyond the death of religion as we know it and into the excitement of a post-religious, spiritual future. He writes with engaging verve and with profound insight.  Those hungry for meaning in the Western world will relish this book.”
— Bishop John Shelby Spong on Ian’s upcoming book on Inclusive Spirituality

“I love it! You have done something great here. You are describing a very big movement and I love the way you have gone about it. I have high hopes for this book, Ian!”
— Elizabeth Lesser on Ian’s upcoming book on Inclusive Spirituality

“Over the past few years Ian Lawton has become one of my closest friends and colleagues. I absolutely love the fact he has, in his own words, “an impatient zeal for authenticity.” Ian has a rare gift of being able to deliver Sunday morning sermons, week after week, with no notes. He fully prepares a text version, but in the pulpit — actually, he uses no pulpit — he speaks without referring to notes.”
— Michael Dowd, America’s Evolutionary Evangelist

“Ian has masterfully led our organization through massive and exciting changes over the last 8 years. We have been liberated to become more authentic and our future is bright. We have become a grass roots activist organization where people are empowered to take initiative and be the change we wish to see in the world. People of all faiths and no faith come together, and share in the joy of being alive. As a community we participate in the evolution of a more loving, united consciousness.”
— Judy Swanson, Chair of the Board at C3Exchange in Grand Haven Michigan.

“Ian has helped to guide me through the biggest challenge of my life, the ending of a 20 year marriage. He has coached me to reclaim my power and create a whole new  path. I couldn’t have done it without him.”
— Coaching Client (name withheld)

“Since my husband died last year I am learning to live a strange new life with still a profound absence. I have found Ian’s affirmation seeds such a source of positive thinking – so original and intriguing in so few words. It is remarkable that day after day a new one appears with another way of looking at life and I welcome them to start the day.”
— Anthea, Soulseeds Subscriber


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