Keeping it Real.

May 22nd, 2012

The Clothes Pin.

How much better it is
to carry wood to the fire
than to moan about your life.
How much better
to throw garbage
on the compost, or to pin the clean
sheets on the line
with a gray-brown wooden clothes pin!
~By Jane Kenyon.

A 4th grade presentation.
A poetry reading
and this perfect piece
is what she chose.

How beautiful I thought.
How perfectly simple and profound.
How in touch she is with the world,
and all of life’s connections.

Yes, my daughter gets it.
She is mature beyond her years,
understands life’s lessons
and is thankful for the small things.

This 9yr old believes in herself
and has deep respect for the earth.
She knows her place here,
and the importance of her path.

How wonderful that she see’s beauty
and knows the truth in her little soul.
Yes, she listens to the meaning
each moment has to teach.

Until that is
when she said,
I don’t get it –
I just picked it
‘cause it’s short.

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  1. Elaine Harrison Wilson says:

    Beautiful, Meg!   About 36 years ago I watched our 7 year old daughter, (dressed in a leopard print bathrobe she bought at a friend’s yard sale), marching up and down our street in Oromocto, New Brunswick, carrying a very large placard that read, “Kids have RIGHTS, too”.   I don’t know how deep her thoughts were about that topic at the time, but I do know she is still an activist.  And I’m so proud of her.

  2. Xaka says:

    LOL! Her subconscious “gets it”.  It’s her ego that isn’t quite sure what it means, yet. Much love!

  3. Emily says:

    Fate. In this instance the universe wanted to teach us a lesson. Your daughter is the vessel for this profound teaching.  Thank you.  Blessings and Joy, Emily

  4. Willy says:

    How profound! From the fresh young minds that know deciency as the only limit! …yet.

  5. Willy says:

    On taking responsability;

    It’s just, to bad,
    If not, too sad,
    With so much, chagrin,
    For the place, you’re in,
    Who’d be to wit’
    If it weren’t, for He,
    Or maybe, for She?
    If not then, for It!!
    When they’re ALL, at fault,
    It’s not yours; to call halt,
    With nothing, to change,
    Or re-arrange,
    As for your, complaint,
    You must be, a Saint,
    To’ve not left, a mark,
    On somebody’s’, heart,
    To be honest, and just,
    In the judgment, of peers,
    Is the wisdom of, ages,
    Not only, in years,
    So be light, on the rod,
    When all, is done
    As if he were … your God
    And you were , his Son.
    When its not, your Call,
    Then it must be the Pits,
    ‘Cause of course, It’s ALL,
    He, She, Or It’s …
    Will’ E. (05/6/1999)

  6. Margaret says:

    Not afraid to ask the question. Not afraid to give an honest answer. The surface ripple of a deep and real relationship. Well done.

  7. Michal says:

    Very much Wille, I enjoyed your poetry penned in 1999. Was it Y2K-inspired or were you going deep from within to answer an Eternal Question all humans possess? I respect your view & the words you penned = Divine YOU, ME/ ALL trumps mortal EgosDying versus Perpetual SpiritBeings Ever-Evolving…
    The Divine in me bows to the Divine in You!
    Thank you for being You & for sharing your point of view!

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